Dr Ryan Tried to Sell Shayne Lamas The $70,000 Heidi Montag Makeover


After witnessing the horrifying results of Heidi Montag’s infamous plastic surgery makeover, Shayne Lamas must be thanking her lucky stars that she didn’t let the late Dr. Frank Ryan give her body a plastic surgery overhaul as well. Before Dr. Ryan got his claws (and scalpel) into Heidi Montag, Shayne visited Dr. Ryan for a consultation on getting breast implants. According to Shayne, instead of concentrating on the breast implants that she was seeking, Dr. Ryan tried to up sell her on getting $70,000 worth of plastic surgery done – basically the exact same package that ended up turning Heidi from rising starlet to humanoid.

Shayne rebuffed Dr. Ryan’s full-body makeover, she did go ahead and get the breast implants she was shopping for:
Shayne Lamas before after breast implants

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Ryan’s work, he famously performed a whopping ten surgeries in one day on former Hills star Heidi Montag, and the results speak volumes. Heidi’s once-pretty face became frozen and expressionless, her breasts swelled to epic proportions, and the rest of her body took on a cartoonish look post-nip and tuck. Essentially, she became what Dr. Ryan believed was the perfect “Barbie” look, which is exactly what he wanted to do to 24-year-old Shayne Lamas as well. According to Shayne, the plastic surgeon tried to up-sell her on $70,000 worth of unwanted plastic surgery, including a butt lift and liposuction on her thighs.

Heidi Montag after Dr. Ryan performed 10 cosmetic surgeries on her:Heidi Montag in a bikini in Las Vegas

Back when Dr. Ryan got his hands on Heidi Montag, she went from fresh-faced beauty to plastic surgery cyborg in no time flat, and now the former reality star openly regrets opting for plastic surgery in the first place. Fortunately for Shayne Lamas, she had second thoughts about going under the knife and ultimately refused Dr. Ryan’s idea of giving her a “body makeover”. After seeing the results of Heidi’s extreme plastic surgery, Shayne said that “it was absurd and I felt sick. [Heidi is] my age, and it was the same breakdown of what he wanted me to do. I was disturbed by it.”

Shayne Lamas before Dr. Ryan told her she needed a $70,000 body makeover:
shayne lamas before plastic surgery

Shayne Lamas, who is most famous for winning Season 12 of The Bachelor and for being the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, is only one of many examples of beautiful women being talked into going under the knife by plastic surgeons who only see dollar signs. “She probably wanted more and more, and it was publicity for both her and him,” said Shayne about Heidi’s plastic surgery disaster. “But I think it was very irresponsible for [Dr. Ryan] to do that.”

Dr. Ryan was killed in a 2010 car accident in Malibu, but there are plenty of other plastic surgeons out there who see nothing but potential in women with high budgets and low self-esteem. Women who are quick to see themselves through the eyes of their plastic surgeons, only to end up looking like a less-human version of their former self. Kudos to Shayne for at least pulling in the reigns a bit.

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