Lisa Kudrow: I Had Life-Changing Plastic Surgery at 16


Many of the decisions that we make in our teenage years, are happily forgotten (like that lime green taffeta prom dress?), but for actress Lisa Kudrow, one incredible decision she made at age 16, transformed her life completely: Lisa decided to have plastic surgery.

Lisa Kudrow had rhinoplasty surgery when she was a teenager:
lisa kudrow before and after plastic surgery

Lisa is currently 50 years old, and she is just now revealing that she underwent rhinoplasty surgery over 30 years ago. While many people have rhinoplasty surgery, Lisa calls the results of her surgery “life-altering“. Up until the bandages came off after her surgery, Lisa had always regarded herself as ugly. Even though she was delighted with the results, she still says the surgery simply took her from looking “hideous, to not hideous“. Lisa underwent the rhinoplasty surgery over the summer before transferring to a new high school, where “there were plenty of people who wouldn’t know how hideous I looked before. That was a good, good, good change…“.

Lisa Kudrow before and after having a nose job at 16 years old:
lisa kudrow before and after nose job

What do you think of Lisa Kudow before and after having plastic surgery? If you ask me, it sounds like her self-esteem issues were in her head. Most people are awkward and still growing into their looks at 15, so you have to wonder if she still would have opted to have plastic surgery if she waited until after high school? I always thought that she had a weird shaped nose (long and thin, but with huge nostrils), so I don’t think the change in the shape of her nose helped much more than her confidence. But, that is exactly why many people go under the knife for elective cosmetic surgery: a confidence boost.

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