Heidi Montag Removed Her Giant Breast Implants


Plastic surgery trainwreck, Heidi Montag, is back in the news and surprise, surprise, she went under the knife once again. This time, the former reality star had her gigantic F-cup breast implants removed and replaced with smaller implants. This will be 27-year old Heidi’s 3rd set of breast implants.

Heidi Montag and her gogo gadget boobs:
Heidi Montag after breast surgery reduction

Heidi was outfitted with the super-sized F-cup implants in 2010, when she infamously underwent 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day in a desperate bid to become famous. The 650cc implants, which weigh in at 3lbs a piece, took their toll on Heidi’s neck and back and she recently decided to have them removed and replaced with smaller implants. The end result has brought Heidi’s bust size down to a D-cup, which is still quite large. So will getting slightly smaller breast implants alleviate the back and neck pain that Heidi attributes to her large breast implants? Probably not, but at least she scored an interview and some tabloid facetime (which has always been Heidi’s ultimate goal)!

Check out Heidi’s ET interview about her breast reduction here.


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  • avatar Bill says:

    Very bad decision, Heidi. You looked so attractive after the 2nd job. Man, that’s a beautiful picture! You’re still pretty but you just don’t look as good.

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