Did Stacy Keibler Get Breast Implants?


Did Stacy Keibler get breast implants? The short answer? Yes!

Stacy Keibler then and now:
stacy keibler breast implants before and after

Stacy Keibler showed up to the 17th Annual ACE Awards last night, wearing a stunning, yet revealing white dress, that brought quite a bit of focus to her chest. While the lovely floor length Kaufman Franco dress looked stunning on 5′ 11″ Stacy, the crisscross top, with its plunging neckline and cutouts at the side, front and back, left little fabric for Stacy to hid her breast implants behind.

So did Stacy Keibler get breast implants? Yes! Did she get them recently? No! Stacy has been rocking the implants for several years now and they are actually starting to look more natural now that she’s got some miles on those fakers. Shortly after getting the breast implants in 2010, Stacy’s breasts looks rock hard and unnatural.

Stacy Keibler in 2010:
stacy kiebler fake side boob

Stacy famously told a mens magazine that “God has blessed me with legs and ass”, but apparently that wasn’t enough for the leggy wrestler turned model, who underwent breast augmentation surgery to boost her A-cup to a large B. All in all, in our opinion Stacy Keibler’s cosmetic surgeon did an excellent job and now that her implants have had time to settle in, they look fairly natural. What do you think of Stacy’s new look? Better before or after plastic surgery?

Stacy before and after breast implants:
stacy keibler before boob job

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