Lily Allen Hasn’t Exactly Lost That Baby Weight…


Lily Allen was spotted vacationing in Italy last month, where she let is all hang out in a mis-matched green and black bikini. Lily, who is a mother to two young children, clearly has not lost the baby weight, but according to her latest single that was just released, she also doesn’t give a [email protected]&#…

Lily Allen in 2009 and in 2013
lily allen weight gain

Lily Allen released a crazy music video this week for her song “It’s Hard Our Here…”, which she claims is a spoof of pop-culture and the sexism and misogyny that goes along with it (“It” being the industry in which she has made her millions), but guess what? Lily is doing exactly what she is claiming that the song is against. Surrounding herself with nearly naked ass-shaking dancers and obvious product placements, Lily sings about not wanting someone that “objectifies you” and not needing to “shake my ass for you ’cause I’ve got a brain”. Don’t get me wrong, the song and the video are awesome, but also a blatant contradiction.

Check out Lily Allen’s video for “It’s Hard Out Here”:

In the beginning of the “It’s Hard Out Here” video, you see Lily undergoing liposuction and her manager and the plastic surgeon discussing how terrifying her weight gain is and how they’re going to get her “fighting fit” even though she has completely let herself go.

So is Lily Allen really happy about her weight gain and feeling empowered, or is she going to be one of those celebrities that are outspoken about loving their “curves”, and then immediately starts popping diet pills and hitting the gym? We’ve seen it so many times before (Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osborne, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc) that it would be surprising if that’s not exactly what is going to happen…

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