Aubrey O’day is Still Photoshopping the [email protected]%# Out Of Her Instagram Selfies


So apparently Aubrey O’day is still photoshopping the hell out of all of the selfies she posts on her Instagram account…

Aubrey O’Day in real life and on Instagram:
aubrey oday photoshop weight loss

Check out the picture of Aubrey above in the pink dress. She posted this shot, showing her butt busting out of her dress, but if you look a little closer, you can see where she Photoshopped her waistline. Look at the left side of her body and look at how the straight lines of the black table are all wonky. That, my friends is what we call a Photoshop fail.

Yeah, we get it, girls want to look good in pictures, which is why we invented the perfectly angled selfie. And while catching that good angle in a snapshot can make you looks a few pounds thinner, Aubrey is blatantly photoshopping the pictures that she posts to her social media accounts. And she’s not just smoothing out a few lumps and bumps, grilfriend is shaving like 6″ – 8″ off of her waistline and hips!

Aubrey O’Day in real-life and in her Photoshop fantasy world:
aubrey oday before and after photoshop fake weight loss

These aren’t the only pictures that Aubrey O’Day has photoshopped. Virtually every “sexy selfie” she posts has been photoshopped. Check out more of Aubrey’s Photoshopped pictures, here: Aubrey O’day loves her some Photoshop!

What do you think of people that Photoshop pictures of themselves? Just trying to look their best, or kind of desperate?

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