Heidi Montag and Angelina Jolie are Bosom Buddies


Did you know that Angelina Jolie and Heidi Montag have had an intimate relationship with the same man? Luckily for Angelina, it’s not Brad Pitt that has been feeling up Heidi Montag and also luckily for Angelina, it’s not Spencer Pratt that got his hands on Angelina. The man in question is actually Dr. Jay Orringer, who has given both Angelina and Heidi their most recent breast implants.

Bosom buddies: Angelina Jolie and Heidi Montag:
angelina jolie heidi montag plastic surgeon

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Orringer performed a breast augmentation/reconstruction with implants on Angelina Jolie earlier this year, after the actress decided to get an elective double mastectomy in the hopes of out smarting cancer. Earlier this month, Dr. Orringer performed a breast reduction on Heidi Montag which took her from an F-cup to a D-cup after the former reality starlet decide to 86 the uncomfortable, extra large implants she got in 2008 as part of her weird total body plastic surgery makeover.

So while Heidi and Angelina might not exactly be sharing a turkey dinner this Thanksgiving, their latest cosmetic enhancements does make them bosom buddies. The father of their breast implants is the same guy!


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