Kim Kardashian In The Kanye West Bound 2 Video: Photoshopped or Body Double?


After seeing the music video for Kanye West’s new song “Bound 2”, I really can’t decide what is worse: the song, the video or the digitally altered body on Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West and what we are supposed to believe is a topless Kim Kardashian:
kim kardashian photoshopped waist in bound 2 video

There has been all sorts of buzz about this video because apparently Kim Kardashian is topless in it! Well, after seeing the video, I think it’s pretty clear that everything from the neck down on the woman that is supposed to be Kim Kardashian has been photoshopped (or digitally altered).

“Kim Kardashian” in the Kanye’s Bound 2 video:
Kim Kardashian body double bound 2 kanye west video

Okay, seriously, take a look at that picture up there. Does any one really think that is anywhere close to what Kim Kardashian looks like in real life? In case you are skeptical and need something to compare Kanye’s version of Kim, with the real Kim, here you go:

Kim Kardashian in New York on November 18th:
Kim Kardashian white dress in New York

Don’t get me wrong, Kim looks pretty damn good for someone that gave birth less than 6 months ago, but her body sure as hell looks nothing like the girl’s body in the Bound 2 video. Apparently all of that digital altering must have blown most of the budget since the video is literally, Kanye and Kim sitting on a stationary dirt bike in front of a blue screen.

Kanye West and a digitally altered Kim Kardashian in “Bound 2”:
kim kardashian bad photoshop kanye west music video bound 2

Check out Kanye’s song and video for “Bound 2”:

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  • avatar mch says:

    Bloody awful…both of them so full of themselves!
    They put someone else’s body on that woman. the video made me want to puke…

    • avatar Fitzy says:

      Spot on! Disturbing vid of a couple of delusional, vapid wastes of time and space. Please give me that 4 minutes of my life back!

    • avatar Linzee says:

      Agreed. Sad thing is, they think they look hot and cool in this video… Kim looks so plastic that she might melt away if the temperature goes up by a few degrees. And Kanye is the most arrogant person I’ve ever witnessed that’s in the public eye. Ironically, they’re a perfect match for each other; immature and thriving on drama/sensationalism/bad behavior. I feel bad for their kid, it’s going to be rough being raised by adults who act children. Then again, who am I kidding? They’ll hire a hoard of nannies and babysitters to raise that kid (god forbid they grow up and have to deal with a real responsibility.) The only thing going for these two is the fact that they have lots and lots of money.
      Rant over lol.

  • avatar Eyelash says:

    OMG I’ve never heard such a bad song nor encountered such an appalling video! I would have said it was a spoof but knowing the egos on these two its definitely not!
    I preferred Kim’s nose prior to the one she’s sporting now, the flared nostrils just don’t suit her.

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