Sydney Leathers Has Resorted To Selling Off Parts of Her Labia


sydney leathers before after labiaplasty vagina plastic surgeryI honestly think guys like Steve Hirsch and Joe Francis sit around getting drunk and making bets on what they can get dumb girls to do. There is just no other logical reason for why Sydney Leathers is even slightly famous and for her desperate shenanigans to remain in the spotlight (or keep her name in the tabloids in order to sell an extra few copies of her p0rn0).

Hopefully you don’t know who Sydney Leathers is, so here is a recap: She sent racy pictures and texts to politician Anthony Weiner. Adult film company Vivid swooped in and made her a p0rn star in order to profit off of the media attention from this “scandal”. Sydney then blew the money she earned on plastic surgery.

That brings us to today’s story, where Sydney Leathers is not only going back under the knife for plastic surgery on her vagina, she plans to sell the piece(s) of her labia that the doctor lops off. The labiaplasty comes barely two months after 23-year old Sydney spent $40,000 on breast implants, liposuction and a nose job. Apparently after watching her stupid and totally unsexy p0rno, Sydney feels that her labia is not up to par and is spending over $8,000 to get what she calls “excess skin” cut off for a “cleaner” look.

So what will Sydney Leathers do with her new, “cleaner” vagina after the labiaplasty? First she plans on selling the labia skin that is cut off by her plastic surgeon, to the highest bidder. (Just when you think someone can’t get any grosser, they go and try to sell their dangly labia skin…ack!) Then perhaps Sydney’s surgically aerodynamic vagina will help her break some gangbang world-records? Shoot for the stars Sydney! This is America!

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