Kendall Jenner Has Started Her Plastic Surgery Transformation


Kendall Jenner recently turned 18, so of course she celebrated her coming of age by getting a little bit of work done. She is part of the Kardashian clan, after all! While Kendall is way too young to be getting plastic surgery, in our opinion, what else would you expect from the daughter of Kris Jenner and sister of Kim Kardashian? Kendall’s entire family has spent hundreds of thousands of dollar on plastic surgery and it’s pretty obvious that they are very, very pro-plastic surgery. Even the Kardashian’s dog has had plastic surgery!

Kendall Jenner before and after lip injections:
kendall jenner plastic surgery lips

Kendall revealed her new look on Instagram, where she pouted for her best sexy selfie after she got lip plumping injections.

Like most uber-rich trustfund girls that don’t need to get jobs, and who like people taking pictures of them, Kendall Jenner is pursuing a career in modelling. And while the 5′ 10″ beauty has a good shot at making it in the modelling industry, the more plastic surgery she has, the less high-fashion she is going to look. So, will Kendall continue down the slippery slope of plastic surgery and end up looking like a “Real Housewife” before she hits 21, or will she preserve her youthful good-looks by forgoing the temptations of easily accessible plastic surgery? Hopefully Kendall will choose to stand apart from her family and avoid any more plastic surgery, but, the Kardashian’s/Jenner’s aren’t exactly known for their smarts…

What do you think of Kendall Jenner’s new lips? Better before or after plastic surgery?

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  • avatar Lory says:

    I think she also got fillers on her jawline. Look at the difference, her face was oval without jaw definition.
    If you pay attention to the second picture, her jaw is well defined.

  • avatar kiapua says:

    I hope this is just a photoshop thingy and not fillers injected into her young and growing body….. she is better than just a pretty face, she actually is decent and not disgustingly vulgar like some of her other relatives

  • avatar Candyc says:

    Wow now we know how she felt about her self before
    I agree with Kiapua and lory

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