Does Kim Kardashian Hate Her Child, Or Did She Just Get Too Much Botox?


Kim Kardashian and Her Baby North West in November 2013Not only is Kim Kardashian not exactly glowing or beaming with pride whenever she is near her 5-month old daughter, it looks like the 33-year old reality star hates her child and everything that goes along with it.

<---- Does that look like a women that loves being a mother?Kim has been photographed out pushing her daughter in a stroller a total of 5 times so far, and every single time Kim looks like she is attending a funeral. The girl could not look any more miserable than when she is photographed within arms-reach of her newborn daughter.

Honestly, we wanted to give Kim the benefit of the doubt. Being a mom is not easy. Even with the barrage of nanny’s that Kim and Kanye employ to care for their kid, parenthood is hard. But, she can’t even muster a little bit of a smile to the paparazzi that she called to take pictures of her pushing her kid in a stroller? Initially we thought that Kim’s stone-cold face could have been the result of too much Botox. She’s obviously over-done the plastic surgery, so that wouldn’t be a real stretch, right? Well, one look at all the smiling photos she had taken when she is out and without her baby and the Botox-induced permafrown is off the list.

Kim Kardashian was all smiles at Paris Fashion Week, when she left her 3-month old daughter in Los Angeles:
Kim Kardashian smiling 2013 fashion week

So, yes, I think it’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian hates motherhood and is probably only appearing in public with her daughter (or an empty stroller, for all we know) to satisfy some sort of contractual obligation with her mother/manager. It’s not only sad, it’s a bit psychotic. Right?

Kim Kardashian looking like she’d rather be dead while out and about with her daughter North West:

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  • avatar Lola says:

    I really do think she did something to her face after giving birth. It just looks really weird and not at all natural – the nose/lips area does not remotely look like how it used to before pregnancy. My face looked like that for a couple of weeks after getting a nosejob, where the upper lip was completely numb. Botox on the upper lip ? It wasnt necessary for her, she didnt have gums showing when she smiled.

    Whatever it is – she should stop. The blonde I think was done to alter her image, so people would not notice the surgeries. It does not suit her and just makes her look old. Keeping up with the Kardashians season 1/2 aired a couple of days ago and I completely forgot how stunning her style, makeup and bonestructure used to be. All she needed was her first nose job – she was close to perfection in my opinion.

    I dont think she hates being a mother – maybe she hates when photographers hassle her when she is out with the baby – perhaps they scare/wake the baby ? Ive seen videos of Paparazzi and most of them are nasty pieces of shit who want the celebrity to go crazy and get the money shot.

  • avatar kiapua says:

    Kim is finally looking like herself when she was 10 years younger, good for her! hopefully she learns she’s more than just a pretty body/face and doesn’t have to sell herself like a high priced call-girl to every one willing to pay her

  • avatar unknown says:

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. In fact I only read the first 2 sentences if that since it was so obviously retarded. It sounds as vapid as Kim herself. I noramally enjoy reading the postings on this site but this one was just plain bad

  • avatar Devil's Advocate says:

    Maybe she has enough self-awareness that even though she seeks this kind of publicity for herself, she’s pissed at the paparazzi for trying to photograph her baby and refusing to give them what they want?

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