Jordan Ward From MTV’s 16 and Pregnant Got Huge Breast Implants


Jordan Ward, from MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”, has something she wants to show you. The 20-year old is ready to reveal her new look after having plastic surgery!

At 17-years old, Jordan appeared in the 3rd season on MTV’s reality show “16 and Pregnant”, which documented Jordan’s teenage pregnancy. Typically, stars of “16 and Pregnant” move on to star in MTV’s trainwreck of a show “Teen Mom”, but Jordan was not cast to participate in “Teen Mom” since after her pregnancy, she got married and pregnant again. Unlike the drama-filled lives of the “Teen Mom” girls, that often involve drug abuse, porn and jail, Jordan is actually in a stable, loving relationship and seems to have her head on straight. Although, she now does have one thing in common with many of the other “Teen Mom” girls: Jordan Ward spent her MTV money on plastic surgery.

Jordan revealed that she underwent a breast augmentation and posted a picture of her newly enhanced chest on her Instagram account.

Jordan Ward Finder after breast implants

In case you didn’t notice her larger breasts, Jordan commented on the picture too:

“( . ) ( . ) time to take them out of hiding lol

And when fans tried to defend Jordan by saying that she probably was just wearing a pushup bra, Jordan wanted to make it clear that she did indeed get a boob job:

I did get them done.

Jordan underwent the breast augmentation in November and had saline implants put in. While she has only posted two strategically cropped pictures of her new boobs, Jordan claims to have gone from an A cup to a DD cup. Yikes! For a girl as small as Jordan, a DD sized breast implant is just way too big. Hopefully she is mistaken and didn’t really increase her bustline by FOUR cup sizes.

Jordan Ward Fisher before and after breast implants:

Jordan Ward Fisher before and after boob job

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