Sharon Osbourne Went And Got Herself One Of Those Designer Vaginas


Sharon Osbourne VaginoplastySharon Osbourne swore off of plastic surgery after having a medical scare last year, but apparently she hasn’t yet found a new hobby yet, because plastic surgery is still a preferred topic of conversation for the 61-year old reality star!

This time, Sharon has gotten a little bit TMI on us and has revealed way more than we ever wanted to know about her vagina. Yes, Sharon Osbourne has even had plastic surgery down there. Sharon describes undergoing vaginoplasty, or having her “vagina tightened” as she so eloquently put it, as the most painful of all of the plastic surgery procedures that she has undergone. Sharon describes the procedure as “excruciating”.

Plastic surgery procedures targeting intimate areas have become increasingly popular and have sparked a new term: Designer vaginas. Remember when getting a Brazilian wax was racy? Well those days are over ladies. Apparently you also need to get your outer labia plumped, inner labia cut off and vagina tightened in order to be sexually appealing. Sharon opted for a vaginoplasty which averages about $7,000 and the end result is a tighter vagina that is supposed to be more pleasurable for both parties. The surgery entails removal of excess vaginal lining and tightening of the surrounding muscle and tissue. The vaginal walls are then sutured back together. Yeah, that doesn’t sound too pleasant to us either, Sharon!

Watch Sharon’s shocking big reveal on “The Graham Norton Show”:

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