Breaking News: Big Ang Was Actually Attractive Before All Of That Plastic Surgery?!


Let’s talk Big Ang from “Mob Wives”. I have only ever seen pictures of Angela Raiola, who goes by “Big Ang”, and I just can’t bring myself to watch actual video of this women (with fear that my brain might explode or worse, that bad plastic surgery is somehow contagious simply by viewing it in live action form. Kind of like Medusa?). SO, with that in mind, my first impression of Big Ang is that she’s had a boatload of really bad plastic surgery and that she is probably obnoxious as hell. These things seem pretty obvious and seems to be the general consensus, so let’s move on to something entirely more shocking about Big Ang…She was actually an attractive woman before she spent all of that money on plastic surgery!

Big Ang before and after plastic surgery:big ang plastic surgery disaster

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola began having plastic surgery in 1985, when she had her first boob job. Back then, surgeons were using sponge implants, and Big Ang traded those sponges in for saline implants in 1995. In 2005, she underwent yet another breast augmentation in order to change out her saline implants for a saline/silicon hybrid. After three boob jobs, Big Ang is happy with her J-cup breasts, but she admits to being obsessed with plastic surgery. In addition to Big Ang’s big boobs, she has also had her lips injected with “some sort of plastic collagen stuff” (oh, really? It’s so subtle. We would have never guessed!), a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Big Ang then and now plastic surgery:big ang before and after plastic surgery

If I was Big Ang, I would be horrified when I looked in the mirror, but apparently Big Ang has one hell of a self esteem because according to Big Ang:

I’m hot and I think I am sexy and men like my look, they just love me.

Big Ang before and after way too much plastic surgery:big ang before and after plastic surgery

Big Ang has no intention of slowing down with the plastic surgery and the 52-year old has a pretty extensive plastic surgery wish list for the new year:

I would like to have other surgery, like my eyes done and a slight face lift and my love handles removed by liposuction. I just need to get this liposuction fast around my bra and my backsides, and I’ll feel much better after that cause my age is kicking in.

Perhaps she should stop eating foods that makes her fat? Maybe go to the gym? Not only would Big Ang save a ton of money on plastic surgery and feel better about herself, she would also live a lot longer. Big Ang had a heart attack scare last year. Perhaps someone should tell her that liposuction is only an illusion of a healthy body and it doesn’t remove the artery clogging fat from her heart?

Big Ang in 2007, working at The Drunken MonkeyBig Ang in 2007 At The Drunken Monkey

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  • avatar Nanette Valencia says:

    She turned herself into a hideous freak

  • avatar Nikki says:

    Big Ang is bad ass yes the surgery is a little much but it’s a mental disease called body dismorphic disorder, obviously she didn’t feel attractive the way she was maybe people use to make her feel bad so bashing her on the internet is just cruel! Go big Ang you rock!!!

  • avatar Adriana says:

    I agree, Big Ang’s surgeries are bit much, but she’s a lovable personality, she has the right to look the way she wants, without anyone giving her a hard time.

  • avatar Mattie says:

    Big Ang is the one who has to love her look. And the rest of us can just love her, cuz she is a very fun, interestingm and smart lady. I think everything about her is just wonderful. She makes me kinda wish I lived on SI.

  • avatar renee says:

    I was curious when I first saw her on TV. My husband and I started watching Mob Wives. Big Ang is my favorite. She has a good heart. Her self confidence is admirable. I’m mesmerized by her.

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