You Won’t Even Believe What Joe Manganiello Looked Like Before!


How is it that some of the hottest men on the planet were once the geekiest kids in school?! Our ugly duckingly of the day today is Joe Manganiello and you won’t believe what he looked like back in the day!

Joe Manganiello then and now:
Joe Manganiello as a geeky kid and today

Yes, that is right, that skinny, bespectacled kid with the basketball is now one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Who’d of thought?

Joe, who was once a homeless alcoholic, moved to Los Angeles after college and immediately started landing roles, but the 36-year old actor didn’t really hit the big time until 2011 when he was cast in “True Blood” as Alcide Herveaux. He is now 11 years sober and, well, looks like this:

Joe Manganiello book cover

Joe has recently written a self-help fitness book titled “Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted“.

Random Joe Maganiello fact: In 2010, Manganiello appeared in television commercials for Taco Bell promoting its new product, the Tortada.

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