Did Kim Kardashian Photoshop Baby North West’s Unibrow?!


Baby North West is ready for her close up! Well, almost ready for her close up, I guess. Apparently mommy thought that North needed a little bit of digital magic before she was presentable enough to share with the world? Kim Kardashian recently posted The following picture of her 6-month old daughter North West to her social media accounts, with the caption “SMILE”:


And while baby North West looks absolutely adorable while flashing that sheepish grin, the photo looks a little suspect. Why is the space between North’s eyebrows blurry? Where did her unibrow go?! The few photos that Kim and Kanye have previously released of their daughter show her with a furrier, less manicured brow (as it should be, by the way…She’s a baby! Cut her some slack!)

North West then and now:
North West Kim Kanye Baby Before After Photoshop

To us, it does indeed look like the picture of North West that Kim posted is photoshopped, but at least Kim didn’t pull a Farrah Abraham and actually hot wax her child’s unibrow? What do you think? Did Kim Kardashian intentionally photoshop North West’s picture to “fix” her eyebrows, or did she just have a perfectly placed smudge on the lens of her camera?

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  • avatar JC says:

    That woman is so fucking vain she probably lazered the baby’s unibrow. NW doesn’t stand a chance with those fuckwit parents.

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