Britney Spears Admits to Regular Visits To A Plastic Surgeon


britney spears reveals plastic surgerySay it ain’t so! Britney Spears has had plastic surgery! The 32-year-old pop star has been praised as a natural beauty since she broke onto the music scene in the 90s, but in the January edition of InStyle magazine, Brit admits that she has someone else besides Mother Nature to thank for her good looks. It’s true; she revealed in the interview that she lets Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia do “fun stuff” to her sometimes, which includes lip injections and using a “peptide-based face-care product” that is green and slimy. What she didn’t reveal though, is whether or not she’s had other cosmetic surgery procedures besides lip injections done.

Okay, so we’re not exactly surprised that Britney Spears isn’t 100% natural, since there are few celebrities out there these days who are, but we do have to give her props for being so honest about the work she’s had done. The girl has been in the spotlight for the past fifteen years; how else do you expect her to keep up that youthful appearance? And at least she still looks natural. There are far too many famous people out there who have gotten bad plastic surgery and then tried to pass it off as natural. Here’s a little note to these people: If you are exposed to the media on a daily basis and you get a facelift or boob job, especially if it’s a bad one, we are going to notice. And if you lie about it, we are going to call you out. That’s just the way it works.

Britney Spear Thru The Years

So back to Britney. The question of the day is: has she had any work done besides lip injections? She says no, but some people think she got a nose job at some point. Her nose does look slightly thinner and less rounded than it did back in the 90s, but if she did undergo a rhinoplasty, you can hardly tell. Other people claim that the singer got breast implants, which she allegedly had removed, downsized and replaced several times over the years, including when she became pregnant. A February 2008 issue of Rolling Stone magazine even reported that Brit got breast implants as a teenager and later had them removed, but the singer has never commented on the subject. There are also rumors circulating that claim Britney had liposuction in her stomach, thighs and butt to slim down faster after giving birth to her sons in 2005 and/or 2006.

If Britney Spears has undergone plastic surgery over the years, we applaud her for at least finding a good plastic surgeon and choosing procedures that maintained her youthful appearance but didn’t drastically alter the way she looks. In other words, she’s no Heidi Montag. Good for you Britney!

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