Hugh Hefner Accidentally Revealed Crystal Hefner’s Pre-Plastic Surgery Face


Don’t you hate it when your geriatric new husband accidentally reveals your pre-plastic surgery pictures to his Twitter followers? Unfortunately for 27-year old Crystal Harris-Hefner, that is exactly what happened when her 87-year old husband posted a #throwbackthursday picture of the two back in 2008.

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner before her plastic surgery makeover:
Hugh and Crystal Hefner before plastic surgery

The picture posted by Hugh shows Crystal and Hugh celebrating their first Christmas together, holding a heart-shaped frame that contains a pictures of the couple. Even more shocking than the couples 60 year (!) age difference is that Crystal is nearly unrecognizable just a few short years after the photo from 2008 was taken.

Crystal Hefner posted this picture showing off her very different nose and lips in 2013:
Crystal Hefner after nose job and lip augmentation

Clearly, Crystal has spent some time with her plastic surgeon, who has carved and sculpted her into an acceptable wife for Hugh Hefner. Before tying the knot on December 31st, 2012, Crystal underwent several plastic surgeries that range from the obvious gigantic breast implants to some that were not as obvious, like her cheek augmentation. Here is a rundown of what Crystal Harris-Hefner has had done:

– Breast augmentation
– Rhinoplasty
– Lip augmentation
– Cheek augmentation
– Botox
– Liposuction

Crystal has clearly crossed the line with the plastic surgery and instead of enhancing her natural good looks, she has completely changed her face and body with the end result being that she looks much older than her 27 years.

Crystal Hefner before and after plastic surgery:

You kind of have to wonder if Playboy has a resident plastic surgeon, since all of the girls that Hugh buys plastic surgery for all turn out looking pretty much the same. Crystal’s severely shaved down ski-jump nose reminds me a lot of Hugh’s ex girlfriend Karissa Shannon‘s. Am I right?

More pictures of Crystal Harris-Hefner after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar mch says:

    everyone knows that’s a nose job. she had a pretty face before.
    now looks like the rest of the PS girls.

  • avatar Renee says:

    You forgot to mention that it definitely looks like she’s had lipo on her stomach, especially in that last picture in the 4 extra ones you posted of her! It’s too bad, she was pretty before and now I don’t really think she looks attractive. All this work done is making her look way older than a woman in her 20’s.

  • avatar Lizzy says:

    I just don’t understand the world today. Why would you take a pretty face and rearrange it to that? She had a natural, healthy look but now it is over-aged and bland. No offense to the girl but we shouldn’t “fix” what isn’t broke.

  • avatar Robb says:

    I love the turned up nose tip. I think she Looks perfect. Way to go girl.

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