5 Stars That Want Boob Jobs in 2014


While us normal folks are counting down the days until 2014, armed with new years resolutions of dropping 10lbs, quitting smoking and/or saving more money, some celebrities have bigger things in mind for 2014…Bigger breasts to be exact! Here are 5 stars that are looking to up-size their boobs in 2014:

1. Demi Lovato
demi lovato boob job breast implantsDemi Lovato has struggled with body issues since she was a small child and has openly talked about her struggles with anorexia, bulemia, cutting, cocaine and alcohol addiction and bi-polar disorder. After a stint in rehab, Demi is on the straight and narrow and wants to be a role model for her fans. Plastic surgery seems like a gateway drug to disaster for someone with body issues, so hopefully Demi will reconsider!

With so many issues in her past, it’s not surprising that Demi Lovato is considering getting plastic surgery to increase the size of her “mosquito bites”, but is she really ready to take the plunge and get breast implants in 2014?

2. Nicole “Snooki” Polazzi
Snooki boob job breast implantsNicole “Snooki” Polazzo has talked openly about wanting to get a boob job for years now. In 2011, Nicole explained why she would prefer breast implants to her natural boobs:

…when you lay down, you know if you have natural boobs, they go to the side and it’s annoying. And I always want them to just stay there.

And while Snooki has wanted to get breast implants for years, she has said that she is too afraid to go under the knife. But, after becoming a mother, losing over 40lbs and receiving a boob job voucher for Christmas from her BFF Jwoww, it looks like breast implants will be a big part of Snooki’s 2014.

3. Zoe Saldana
zoe saldana boob job breast implantsZoe Saldana claims that she has always been obsessed with breasts and that the novelty of someday buying herself a pair is something that is definitely on her mind. Zoe is 35, newly married and claims that while she would love to have bigger boobs, in the same breathe, she says that she’s not so much into fake thing. Will her breast obsession win out over her distaste for fake things? She could always try the new fat transfer breast augmentation that uses your own body fat to create a more ample bustline and avoid the plastic bags of silicon or saline altogether. (Although the rail thin star would be hard pressed at finding a place on her body to harvest excess fat from!)

4. Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian boob job breast implantsWhile Kim Kardashian has always denied that she has had any plastic surgery ever (BAHAHahahahah), she has also said that she is not against it and that in the future she would be interested in getting a breast lift, perhaps after she had kids. Well, that time is upon us, where Kim is ready to surgically hoist up those implants and desperately wants to get another boob job. The only problem is that her baby daddy has forbidden Kim from getting any further plastic surgery. Kanye West lost his mother Donda due to complications after she had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction in 2008. Will this stop Kim from getting a boob job in 2014? We think not…

5. Cher Lloyd
cher lloyd boob job breast implantsQuirky English singer Cher Lloyd, famously sang “I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack” and has compared her breasts to “two aspirins on an ironing board”, so will she be ringing the local plastic surgery clinic in 2014? While she makes it clear that she is joking about her body insecurities, and claims that her padded bra is cheaper than plastic surgery, there is always a bit of truth in jest. Now that she has found fame and has a decent bankroll, will she be investing in some new boobs for the new year?

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