Last thing I remember is 2013 and me doing Jaggerbombs. Next thing ya know, I woke up next to her sister 2014. So you know what that means…Let’s look back on our fond memories of celebrity plastic surgery from the past year! Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of 2013:

Most popular plastic people of 2013:

1. Tameka “Tiny” Cottle
tameka tiny cottle plastic surgeryTameka “Tiny” Cottle has come a long way since she was a singer/songwriter for 90’s group Xscape…And she looks nothing like her former self! Tiny, who is married to rapper T.I., has a very loyal fan base, but even her most faithful fans can not deny the obvious: Tiny has had plastic surgery. A lot of it! Thanks to a plastic surgeon, many of Tiny’s body parts are far from tiny now, and she is sporting super-sized lips, breast implants and butt implants, just to name a few.

2. Courteney Cox
courntey cox plastic surgeryCourteney Cox has always had a love/hate relationship with plastic surgery. Unfortunately, after her marriage came to an end, the newly single 49-year old Courteney went overboard on plastic surgery, to the dismay of her fans and friends. While she has dabbled in plastic surgery for years, Courteney invested in some new cheeks and lips in 2013 and the outcome is somewhat unfortunate for the pretty actress.

3. Nicole “Coco” Austin
nicole coco austin plastic surgeryIce T’s wife Nicole “Coco” Austin will be the first to tell you that she is all natural, but it’s obvious that the weight-lifting model has been nipped and tuck in order to achieve her unreal body proportions. In 2013, Coco has both increased her fame, by starring in a Las Vegas show, as well as her infamy, by getting caught in a scandalous affair. Either way, this is not the Coco of 2012! Along with the fame brought more plastic surgery for the 34-year old model.

4. Portia DeRossi
portia derossi plastic surgeryIn 2013, Portia Derossi returned to the small screen in the much anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development, but fans and critics alike were flabbergasted by her appearance. After a seven year hiatus between seasons, it obvious that the 40-year old actress underwent some face altering plastic surgery before filming began. Some fans claim that the new face was for her role as Lindsay Bluth-Funke, who is described as “materialistic and vain”, but getting bad plastic surgery for a role that you are already cast in? That certainly seems like a stretch.

5. Snooki
snooki plastic surgerySnooki has gone through many transformations this last year. She transitioned her life’s work from hard-partying reality star to mother to her son Lorenzo, to major weight loss and even those god-awful fake teeth that she got. Snooki claims to have never had plastic surgery to date, but she did receive a boob job voucher from her friend Jwoww for Christmas 2013. Still, she was pretty popular in 2013 over here at Judging from the boob job voucher that she is itching to cash in, we think Snooki with be an even “bigger” star in 2014 😉

Top plastic surgery articles of 2013:

Top plastic surgery procedures of 2013:

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Popular pictures from 2013:

And that’s the gist-of-it for our celebrity plastic surgery coverage for 2013 (well, except for those other 150+ articles we wrote for your entertainment, but hey, they all can’t be the prom queen)! Stay tuned for even more celebrity plastic surgery goodness in 2014, as we expand, grow and keep you more entertained than ever. Cheers!


  • avatar Sheila Crone says:

    Renee zellwellger is absolutely beautiful, surgery or not. Why can’t you admit that plastic surgery is not all terrible. Concerning Bristol Palin, many young women continue to change physically in the structure of their face. Regardless, she’s beautiful.

  • avatar Sprmcandy says:

    Courtney Cox is gorgeous lady.

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