Rylan Clark’s New Teeth Are Freaking Me Out


Seriously. W.T.F. was Rylan Clark thinking when he got these absolutely ridiculously absurd veneers?!

Rylan Clark and his bizarre new teeth:
rylan clark crazy weird too white fake teeth

Looking at Rylan is giving me flashbacks of Max Headroom scaring the shit out of me as a child…Am I alone on this one?!

Rylan Clark, who has become a reality show star after appearing on The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother, obviously has a larger than life personality, but the larger than life teeth to match? So ridiculous. I just don’t understand how any cosmetic dentist could slap these whiter than white, larger than large horse teeth on Rylan and think that he looks anything other than absurd. Doctors in the cosmetic field are supposed to be specialists in their field, that can guide their patient in the right direction, not just grant the ill wishes of people that have no idea wtf they are doing.

Rylan Clark before and after cosmetic dentistry:
rylan clark before after veneers fake teeth

Look at how cute his teeth were before!! Sadly, Rylan decided to replace his natural teeth with these bizarre, blindingly white veneers and there is no turning back now. When you get veneers, your real teeth are ground down to nubs in order to fit the fake teeth (how gross is that!?), so 25-year old Rylan is stuck with the facade of veneers for the rest of his life.

Rylan Clark has also completely changed his face with plastic surgery, but somehow he outdid himself with these crazy fake teeth!



  • avatar Quasie says:

    Wow, that took him from cute to hideous!

  • avatar Lola says:

    LOL !

    Oh my god ! What has he done to himself !? He looks like a 50 year old trying to fight back ageing – its nagl when your fucking teeth look like dentures

    His original teeth were much cuter ! The veneers make him look so goofy

    Also, his nose looks slimmer – the septum is sticking out way too much compared to before.

    He fucked up his face.

  • avatar SB says:

    wow i can’t believe he is only 25. The “dentist” who gave him those teeth should be sued for malpractice! It looks like he’s wearing a flipper that those little girls in beauty pageants wear. soooo wrong!

  • avatar elle says:

    his smile was so cute before…The new teeth look sooooo white big and sooooo fake!

  • avatar James says:

    He looks like a horse.

  • avatar kkh says:

    i have no idea who this person is, but he definitely looked better in the before shot. he aged himself by about 20 years with those horrible teeth!!

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