Aubrey O’Day Wants To Show You Her New Butt Implants


Take one quick look at Aubrey O’Day’s Instagram account and you can see that this girl is seriously obsessed with herself. If you want to see picture after picture of 29-year old Aubrey posing in the bathroom for bikini selfies or pouting desperately into her phone camera, you should totally follow her. Any how, I suppose it should come as no surprise that someone so completely self-absorbed as Aubrey has had plastic surgery, but yes, Aubrey has gone under the knife again, and this time she got a butt augmentation.

Aubrey O’Day before and after butt augmentation surgery:

In addition to Photoshopping the f*ck out of her Instagram pictures, Audrey has clearly also had plastic surgery on her butt. It’s hard to tell exactly what she had done, (since her Photoshop skills suck and looking at some of her pictures makes me feel like I’m drunk and underwater…) but we are pretty sure that Aubrey got a Brazilian Butt Lift, which is liposuction with fat transfer to the butt. Another options would be butt implants, but I think it’s clear that Aubrey’s new booty is not the result of hard work and good genetics.

Aubrey O’Day in real-life and in her photoshop fantasy world:

Aubrey started going under the knife in 2008, when she got those gigantic breast implants, lip injections and she is also a regular (over?) user of Botox and filler injections. Fake boobs, butt, lips and lipo? Kind of lame altogether, but especially because Aubrey isn’t even 30 yet.

Aubrey O’Day before a plastic surgeon got his hooks in her:
aubrey oday before plastic surgery and fame

What do you think of Aubrey O’day’s recent butt augmentation? Bootilicious or craptastic?

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  • avatar Lola says:

    What an insecure woman she is.

    She definitely had that stupid butt job – which she really didn’t need. She had a good ass before imho.

    You can also tell that she still photoshops her pictures. The lower part of the body is disproportianately small compared to the upper, giving her a “small person’s build or a gymnast’s.

  • avatar SB says:

    That photoshopping is absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t look even remotely real.

  • avatar Oh. says:

    Guys likely thought she was hot when she had a blocky torso anyway, so what’s the point? She looks ridiculous now (if it’s real), and better with clothes on (to hide the bad butt job).

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