Are Cara Delevingne’s Signature Eyebrows Fake?


Upcoming supermodel Cara Delevinge certainly commands attention when she enters the room, but it’s not her tall stature, pretty blonde hair or piercing green eyes that she is best known for. Cara’s signature look all comes down to her full, thick, bushy eyebrows, which have made a lasting impression on casting agents for huge designer brands, and have created quite a quick fan base for the English model. But, are Cara’s signature brows the real-deal or did she undergo eyebrow transplants?

Cara Delevingne at the Cannes Film Festival:
cara delevingne eyebrow transplants

“Eyebrow transplants? That’s ridiculous!”, is probably what you are thinking right now, and well, we have to agree with you. While we think Cara’s bushy brows are authentic, there has been a huge surge in popularity in eyebrow transplants lately, and Cara is the modern poster child for making unruly, big brows sexy.

Plastic surgeons have reported a nearly 50% increase in inquiries regarding eyebrow transplant surgery, within the last couple of years. It seems that the vast majority of people looking to have eyebrow transplants are women in their early 30’s that have been left with sparse natural brows caused by over-plucking. Something we doubt has ever been a concern of 21-year old Cara Delevigne!

What do you think about eyebrow transplants? Would you ever consider getting them? Personally, I will stick with my handy dandy eyebrow pencil to get me those trendy full brows, and spare myself the pain and expense of surgically grafting hair follicles on to my face. The cost of eyebrow transplants with set you back around $5,000.

Eyebrow transplant patients before and after:

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  • avatar mamab says:

    No thank you. Im pretty sure those eyebrow transplants don’t stop growing, and then who knows, maybe the next big thing will be eyebrow comb overs. Ill keep my bare, over plucked nubs.

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