Shocking Pictures of Iggy Azalea Before Butt Augmentation (and More Plastic Surgery)!


Oh yes, we’ve got the pictures that Iggy Azalea doesn’t want you to see: Check out Iggy before she got plastic surgery on her booty!

Iggy in 2011, before having a butt augmentation:
iggy azalea before butt injections

She’s done a damn good job at keeping her formerly-flat butt a secret, but we did some digging and found a booty shot of Iggy from 2011, hidden in her “Pu$$y” music video (check it out at the 1:59 mark). And, DAMN, she sure looks a lot different now! Although Iggy has previously denied having plastic surgery and has said her butt is real, there is no denying that little Miss Iggy is straight up lying after you see the before and after pictures.

Iggy then and now:

If you have no idea who Iggy Azalea is, no, she is not the love child of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga (although she sure looks like it!). She’s a white girl from Australia that has an up-and-coming rap career that is just about to blow up. She’s been working with some big name rappers, like T.I., and is signed to Island Def Jam Records. Her new album is titled “The New Classic” and is supposed to drop in March 2014.

While 23-year old Iggy has busted her butt trying to make it in the rap industry, she obviously thought she could use a little outside help in the booty department and went and got herself a butt augmentation. Looks like she got the popular fat transfer procedure, where a plastic surgeon removed fat from the stomach, hips and/or thighs and injects the collected fat into the butt. Clearly, Iggy is happy with her new look as she likes to post butt selfies to her social media pages, like most other girls that get fake butts…

One of Iggy Azalea’s butt selfies:
iggy azalea after butt shots

In addition to the obviously fake butt, we couldn’t help but notice that Iggy’s face has also changed. Looks like she’s also had a nose job within the last year or so? What do you think? Did Iggy get a nose job too?

Iggy Azalea then and now:
iggy azalea before after nose job rhinoplasty

Regardless of the plastic surgery, we’re excited to see what Iggy Azalea brings to the table. She seems super talented from what we’ve seen! It’s just kind of a shame that plastic surgery seems to be more important to “making it big” than talent nowadays.

Check out Iggy in her video for “Murda Bizness”:

More photos of Iggy Azalea after plastic surgery:

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  • avatar Cat says:

    Looks like a possible chin implant too – I hope she knows when to stop.

  • avatar Bill says:

    Girls, don’t do the butt implants – get the big ole titties instead. They look so much better. This girl’s butt was fine but she’s in dire need of a set of tits. Think, girl, think!!!

    • avatar Stfu says:

      In her career, for her target audience, a big butt is more important. Urban market: butt (black/Hispanic men). Pop market: boobs (Caucasian men).

      And why would a gay man care about what women do to their bodies?

      • avatar Bill says:

        You must either be a tiny titted, fat assed woman looking for acceptance or an androgynous something or other with a handle like that. If you’re neither then you’re just a stupid shit. Oh, by the way, you made a dumb-assed comment also.

        • avatar fu says:

          Actually stfu is right! For her target audience she’ll get more attention & plays with the butt vs boobs. Everyone doesn’t have your same one sided view bill.

          • avatar Tania says:

            How about everyone learns to disregard her looks and actually focus on her talent?? Which she has none?? If it wasn’t for her fat ass that she had to get implanted and STUPID people like y’all focusing on that shit instead of her talent, that’s when you realize we have shitty role models in the world. She can’t sing/rap for shit.

        • avatar Charlie says:

          That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day, Bill.

          Why do you people assume that what you are attracted to is what everyone else is attracted to? Do you not watch TV? Do you not speak to other human beings? Do you not go outside and see all of the varieties of people who apparently find each other attractive, despite what you may think of it?

          “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a saying *for a reason*, Bill.

          Read a fucking book sometime.

          • avatar Bill says:

            Talk about dumb statements from an asshole. You’re certainly in the lead now, you fucking twit. Of course I’m going to give my opinion. What the hell do you think I’m going to do – try to guess your worthless opinion. What a dumb fuck!!!
            Intellectually, there’s not much to respond to with such jibberish I have to work with. I’m left with repeating what I’ve already said, what a dumb fuck!!!

            • avatar laura says:

              where’s your chill bill you sound unnecessarily aggressive to a point where i’m actually laughing why are you so angry

      • avatar MM says:

        Very true comment! Iggy obviously had her nose and buttocks done!

        • avatar Bill says:

          Laura, people like you are interesting. You can spell and create sentences (although grammar & punctuation needs work) but they make no sense. Hope you spend some time working on that. Post back so we can see your improvement. Notice I didn’t laugh at your efforts.

      • avatar Jack says:

        The Butt is the new breasts. Can’t do that much with breast, only a little jiggle. The butt is more connected to all the real pleasure zones. No, those hard balls of silicone with the wide space between them doesn’t look good. Pamela Anderson used to look like you stuck breasts on a 12-year old boy. Iggy Azalea’s butt was flat and wide. Not attractive.

    • avatar priscilla says:

      since she into plastic surgery so much why not just get your T&A done?

    • avatar ✌✌ says:

      maybe she doesnt give a fuck what anyone says about her tits. her butt is real, you can tell. You’s are probably all just jealous because she has a better ass than you!

  • avatar Sherri says:

    Iggy is pretty, but I knew something was up with that. I thought I had seen her before in Levi’s ads, and she did not have the butt. To each their own. Just be honest. She said butt implants are weird. People will admit to nose, boobs, botox, teeth, etc. but, for some reason, they will not come clean about the fake butt. Funny.

  • avatar idiots says:

    You guys have to start thinking about the way the picture was taken. I’ve been watching Iggys new music videos and her nose AND chin look the exact same as the do in the “before” picture.
    Lmao this is dumb, and even if she did get this stuff done who cares, she’s a grown women.
    I don’t see articles being made about every other women who gets plastic surgery done.

  • avatar sara says:

    Her fake butt is so obvious and looks disgusting. It looked better flat. Her face looks “done” also nose and lips – anyone have a clear pic of her when she was in high school? Also I don’t believe the “past story” of the poor maid crap –

  • avatar Katie says:

    Actually iggys butt is real y’all are just some haters that can go suck a dick because your ass don’t look like that. Lol I hope all o y’all burn in hell one day.

  • avatar Janice says:

    Seriously her music is dumb she is white using southern black words. She is fake all over

    • avatar mizz_scarlett says:

      I concur…. you notice how she tries to dress like a broke Beyonce and Nicki Minaj? She claims Tupac was one of her biggest influences, but why does she sound EXACTLY like Da’ Brat? Lawd lawd, the YT’s trying to Columbus it all. And yes those are the good butt injections like Nicki has (ATL style)

  • avatar Danielle says:

    This girl is trying sooooo hard to be Nicki Minaj it’s pathetic…and even worse…at least Nicki’s got talent to make up for the fake body…this girl can’t even rap.

    • avatar Remember who YOU are while alone, and looking into the mirror* says:

      First….It’s a very common as well as, “Ridiculously SAD;” situation for ANYONE to want to be, or act like another. Let it be due to there unknown decision to want to go from the individuals REAL choice of vocabulary of either “RAP and lyrics, or just plain talking and dressing or adjusting one’s God given body to become as another; one is placed in that 100% fake class.
      And on these circumstances or issue… This is Sad, and sick.
      Second…. Nikki IS not what Photo Shot makes her/him out to be.
      YES I said him, because God as well as this wonderful broken down USA gave us the right to opinion’s, and I have seen my share of photo’s where she should be listed as by gender.
      -Her rap as any other NEW female rapper’s is sad, it’s lo cut, it’s pointing out the already existing tired played out lines.
      It has no sincere poetic, and thoughtful for one’s on heart and soul of a meaning.
      Now we got Miss Iggy, whom is making the rest of us white female’s who just are married to a black MAN look completely useless, and ignorant as well as, “WTF is this? ” -stereotype.
      I can not stand to hear the long drawn out and tearful, “I’m country and that’s what I am so let’s cry” -BS music, but….. You always know what you’re looking at is 100% REAL
      AND ALTERNATIVE -“THE BEST BTW,” You DAMN sure know that what you see and hear is what you get.
      But all in all, it’s not the music, it’s us. People in general. We are getting more dumber and faker by the split second. WHY? Cause we want to do as she/he does, and we ARE too SCARED to let our self be judged. After all, we can alter our entire bodies, but we CANNOT let our face turn red. LOL -THAT’s REAL

    • avatar cwillis says:

      They’re both about as talented as a pile of shit.

  • avatar BadKitty says:

    I think all these rappers getting their ass “done” need to look at themselves. … wait that’s probably why they got their asses “done” lmmfao.. dumb asses look like they’re about to fall over nikki minaj too, that girl needs to stop it she’s so fugly w.o the make up the hair naturally she’s not pretty. But iggy is

    • avatar YouMad says:

      You MAD? You have to be the slightest bit of stupid to EVER think that Iggy looks better than Nicki. PLEASE! Go look up Nicki pictures without weave and makeup and realize how DUMB you sound. Iggy can’t touch Nicki on her worst day. Have a seat.

  • avatar Whatever says:

    Ever heard of squats?

    • avatar LDB says:

      Actually, squats don’t make your ass fatter, it makes it tighter.

      Iggy didn’t look like this when I saw her on Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out a couple of years ago. To compete with the likes of Nicki Minaj, she most likely got the Brazilian butt lift which does make it natural. It just involves taking your own fat sucked from another part of your body and injecting it into your butt and thighs. A lot of women in entertainment, who want to be more attractive to the urban set get it done. After all, she does date black guys. But I do agree with someone who said she should get her breasts done. Her body looks a little weird like this.

      Iggy’s cool though. Her voice and rapping style reminds me f Da Brat.

  • avatar itskaykaybish says:

    why are yall hating on iggy her rapping dosent suck yall just some haters and yall are jealous haha I bet if yall met her yall wouldent tell her that lmao haters why yall haten?

  • avatar itskaykaybish says:

    haha haters on the loose haten on iggy lmao stop haten haters

  • nicki really kinda don’t have talent she says words that don’t even make sence so nicki need to get better cause right now iggy is better

  • seriously Janice her music is not dumb and so what a lot of white ppl act like why are u so jealous stop haten and one of the haters u might grow up and sing and yo music might be dumb I don’t get yall this is not a coppetision its just rapping and singing and nicki is not better than iggy

  • and thank u Katie they haters like u said stop haten once again

  • avatar IJJY SNAPDRAGON says:

    Nikki has butt implants and breast implants wondering about the lips and she sounds like a wind up doll to my ears.

  • avatar Sally says:

    You guys are stupid or what? Just think, some of you seem to not have eyes. Iggy was thin that’s why she didnt have big butt, but she gained some weight also she worked out for her butt, just think, ever heard of squats, dead lifts, if not search for workout that make you gain muscle on you butt and stop being ignorant. It’s really annoying and sad to question somes butt is real if you dont know anything about that person.

    • avatar Kitty lover says:

      You guys are stupid or what? Is English your second language or are you addressing yourself?

    • avatar destiny says:

      You’re naïve if you think she did a few squats and got that butt.

    • avatar Carl says:

      I’ve been squating for YEARS and my butt has gotten quite a few inches bigger but it does not look like that. Squats make your ass higher and tighter they don’t make it stick out like a table. Iggy’s butt is OBVIOUSLY not real. Women who do enough squats to have an ass that big don’t have cellulite and their legs are usually beyond toned. She can do w/e she wants but she is totally lying about her ass just like Nikki Minaj. I mean I guess it’s their ass, since they paid for it lmao!

  • avatar Anthony allen says:

    Iggy and nicki have no real linguistic skills period. They are popular to people who require no substance or talent for music preference. Her butt is fake just like her pretending to be connected to the black community. Shes a paid commercialized white women in blackface.

  • avatar Zalen says:

    girl please that before picture is so not iggy azalea her butt is 100% natural

  • avatar Cat says:

    As someone who does stupid amounts of squats with weights, I can assure you that it makes your butt rounder and slightly bigger but it does not end up looking like a balloon. At the side of the butt cheeks you get a ‘dent’ which is the form of the muscles which have been worked. If a woman has a large butt and is thin elsewhere then it is likely she has had help. If a woman has a large butt and is ‘normal/average’ then it may be natural. This woman has a small waist and her behind is disproportionately larger than her body – she is wearing a skin tight outfit on which shows that she does not have ANY muscle definition in either her behind or her thighs. It is impossible to do squats without toning the thighs at the same time – therefore, I call surgery on this one. Fair enough though, it’s her body, I just don’t like liars

    • avatar Chloe says:

      Cat, well that may be true somewhat. I’m not defending Iggy, its clear that her butt is not real but amongst Black women it is completely natural to have a small waist and a big butt… if someone has a big butt and small thighs then that’s DEFINITELY unnatural. Its not rare for a pear shaped woman to be “thin” with a small waist and big butt, though.

      • avatar Leelee says:

        Cat, that is soooo not true. If you have a naturally big butt it won’t matter how small and skinny you are. Your butt will always be bigger in comparison to the rest of your body. A family member of mine has always had a huge one and yes, she is as white as can be and has even lost a bunch of weight and STILL had a huge, round bubble butt. If she were famous I bet because she’s white people would be screaming her butt is fake but honestly the girl has ALWAYS had it and if you look at her mom you can see where she inherited it from. Also, that dent you are talking about does not show up on a lot of women, it’s just how their glute muscles are made. Some will have the dent, and many won’t so that proves nothing.

  • avatar tshepiso says:

    I love Iggy. I don’t care if she has a fake butt or what. She says its real,and I’ll take her word for it

    • avatar Leelee says:

      I’m going to say it’s real because you can see a lot of pictures of her butt where there’s cellulite and a little bit of unshapely look to it which is normal for a woman to have in real life a little bit, and if she got it done it would not have that. Not for a long, long time.

  • avatar Rockett says:

    “She’s so Fakey”

    • avatar ladyinred says:

      Her butt might not be fake, as someone who does squats I know it only will lift the butt and does nothing else you’ll need additional other butt exercise.

  • avatar thatdude says:

    Nicki Minaj got talent? Since when? Her talent is 0 just like 80% of them niggas

  • avatar awesome says:

    Do people even understand that angle and lighting and so one change alot this is so dumb the people that made this site have like nothing to do with their life

  • avatar Bill says:

    Who gives a shit about some worthless rapper? Can there be any worse noise in the world than that crap? I think not. Bunch of losers in this thread, LOL.

  • avatar Lola says:

    You guys if you watch her Pu$$y video you’ll definitely see what her natural ass really looks like…she for sure got injections after it…I still love her either way but there is no denying that its fake

  • avatar Erin says:

    This pics has been edited.
    Her butt is completely natural.
    It is possible for white girls to have big arses especially Australians!
    Social media is full of shit.

  • avatar Sam says:

    Oh my god guys her butt is completely real. She even came out and openly said this. She also if you would pay attention has cellulite in her butt and this cannot happen with implants. Seriously do people have nothing to do but to talk about stuff like this?? They only have one picture of her with a flat butt that’s ever been found and it is an edited pic from one of her music videos with the same picture except she has the butt. And as for the “chin implants” or whatever, that’s called growing up. Your face changes as you age, because I don’t have the same looking chin that I did a few years ago. You guys are so gullible. This world will fall for anything, it’s so pathetic. Don’t you think if she really didn’t have a butt, there would be more pictures of proof? I’ve seen pics of her from when she was a teenager, she was a bit chubbier but still had a big butt.

  • avatar really says:

    her butt is fake

  • avatar not real says:

    Someone said that Iggy made a statement that her butt is real, therefore it is?! LOL what a fool, there shouldn’t be one picture of her with a flat butt if real. Women with big butts know they were born with it and in any picture you can see it even as a young girl. T.I wife had her’s done and he is her manager. I seen her pu$$y video and you can tell they didn’t mean to get the shot as they always show off her butt in all her videos except for this one and her ass was flat. I’ve never ever seen a skinny white girl with a big butt but only Iggy the one who happens to break into the rap game……hmmmmmm.

    • avatar Leelee says:

      Then you are blind because there are a lot of skinny white girls who have naturally large or bubble behinds. It’s just all up to genetics, really…Some get it, some don’t. Like me, I didn’t get one, but amazingly, I have huuuge hips. You would think with such hips I would have a giant butt, but nope. Then like I said I have a family member I grew up who is as white as can be with a big, round one and I went to school with many girls with big bums who were white. Some Hispanic too. If hers were fake I would like to know why it’s kind of out of shape looking with cellulite all over it? That doesn’t happen after getting a fake ass…Some girls have big boobs, some big hips, some big butts,etc. it can be of any race, really..How do people not know this?

  • avatar mea says:

    Iggy has injections… those can definitely have cellulite… it’s funny because iggy and nicki can’t be compared… Nicki dumbed down her music to become mainstream. She was actually good.Iggy has always sucked sounding like she is from Alabama, Australia

  • avatar Jones says:

    Yo, where’s the music at? All i heard was some girl trying to be black yall and that’s a fact yall. Oh I did hear a beat machine

  • avatar lonzo says:

    Here is iggy azalea falling off stage. She has enough talent to sing while she is falling and on the floor. She didn’t miss a note!! THAT’S TALENT???

  • avatar Gia says:

    Just google Iggy live concert videos in October, 2011. She had no butt. Then in early 2012, she had a huge butt. Sorry, but swats do not work that fast. She definitely had some work done. Funny,though it looks like she need a touch up because her butt is not as big as it was in 2012-2013.

  • avatar STUPID BITCH says:

    Y’all some stupid bitches cuz iggy isn’t trying 2 be like nicki y’all just hatin’

  • avatar Carl says:

    For all of you doubters, she was a Levi jeans model. Those types of models don’t have curves. Designers don’t like curves. Iggyz ass is COMPLETELY FAKE. Look at these pictures before.

    • avatar Dana says:

      I’m not a doubter, as I think she most likely got a fat transplant into her butt/hips, but I’m sorry I think that picture is clearly NOT Iggy. It looks nothing like her.

  • avatar jay says:

    Yooo,Stop Doing These Type Of Things To Famous People!!!!!!! Stupid, Specially Iggy Azalea Im pretty Sure that’s Not Her As A Model Before Because,Um,They Dont Even Look Alike, I’ve Seen Pics Of Her As A Child!!!!!!, Where Are Her Spots From Her Belly,Face,And Since like Iggy Is 24 Years Old,Why Does the “Before” Picture Looks So New,And Both People Just Look The Same Age!!!!!!!!WoW!!!!!!!!! AssWipes,Bastard, Stop It,Boy/Girl You Just Jealous Cause Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend(If Someone So Dumb To Go Out With Such A Liar) Doesnt Have As Much Quality As Iggy Does,Bitch!!!!!!!!! Get A Better Job To Get Attention!!!!!!!!Ohhhhh,Now I Get Why In Her Song “Work” She Says “People Got A Lot To Say, But Dont Know Shit ’bout What I Was Made,Or How Many Floors Did I Had To Scrub Just To Make It Past Where I Am From!!!!!!” Reasons!!!!!!!

  • avatar Jodie says:

    Why is it such a shock?

  • avatar yakira says:

    Um yeah I think that’s crazy That iggy had butt implants

  • avatar LoLo says:

    What’s the big deal? Women have breast implants, this is the same just in a different location. Fake is fake.

  • avatar Disgusted Angel says:

    I have to say after watching the Pu$$y video, it sure does look like Iggy now has a fake ass! I noticed it in the video before I found this page! I googled to see if anyone else thought the same as I did. I did think her ass was real. She would’ve had to have gained a whole bunch of weight to have enough fat to tranfer to her butt. She didn’t have enough extra fat on her in the Pu$$y video to get her butt as big as it is now. With a fat transfer, that is still fake! It might be her fat, but somebody still got paid to put it there! That’s NOT natural! I had a friend who was built just like she is now. Big butt, small boobs, tall, and a natural blonde hair. I don’t even think Iggy is a real blonde. I’ve seen her hair color change and her roots looking a little dark. My friend used to get made fun of for her big butt because that wasn’t a popular thing to have in the 70s and 80s. In that one picture above on the left she doesn’t have a booty chin either. That’s what I call a dimple in the chin. She does in the one on the right and her nose looks more rounded on the tip. I was blessed with a booty chin of my own and passed it onto my oldest son. I used to get called butt chin in school and then my son told me that a girl called his dimple in his chin a booty chin. That’s much cuter than being called butt chin or butt face just because you have a natural chin dimple! There’s nothing wrong with having small boobs either! Boobs are way more erogenous than some people believe. SO many of you younguns have been brainwashed with all thess fat ass songs! Did you know you can have a nipple orgasms? You don’t need big boobs for them either! Many men like drinking breast milk too and get turned on by it. I’m white. I’ve dated both white and black men who have never had 1 single problem with my small nicely shaped butt and my nicely shaped small boobs! I’ve always loved having small boobs! I can go braless and no one really notices! Unless I wanteded to make it obvious, which I don’t. My best guy friend never noticed! No, he’s not gay either. We hung out for days and he told me he never ever noticed! He’s married now. I just recently told him. I find it really disgusting that women have been reduced to a body part anyway! The ass is the place where the worst and most stiking excrement of your body comes out. If you don’t have a bidet or wash yourself after taking a dump, that ass might be a stinking ass if all you used was toilet paper to wipe it! Ewwwww! Think about that the next time you think an ass looks good and some nasty chick has whatever she considers clothing sticking up SO far in that crack that it is a wedgie!!! Ewwwwww!

    • avatar Disgusted Angel says:

      I’m replying to my own post after doing some research. Iggy IS a natural blonde, but her hair is usually not her own natural color. She obviously bleaches it lighter. Her nose is the same nose she’s always had and it is just the angle the pic was taken at that makes it look a little pointy in one pic and rounder in the other. I found one of her school pictures and she does have a dimple in her chin. It’s not a very deep one, and depending on the angle the picture is taken, it doesn’t always show. It’s a high dimple on her chin. I do believe her ass is fake!! She went from thin to plump. That doesn’t happen all by itself. Since she’s always showing her fake fat ass off now, if it was real, why didn’t she do it in the Pu$$y video? There’s only one shot of her ass in the whole video and it is not plump or curvy and wide at all. It doesn’t look bad though and she should’ve just left it alone! Whoever she’s paying for that fake ass doesn’t always do a very good job either. I’ve seen it dimpled up. It changes. Sometimes it looks different than others and it’s not camera angles either! A real ass doesn’t change like that unless there’s weight gain and loss. I have seen no recent weight gains or losses in her pics or videos. She would also get bigger everywhere else too! Not just her ass! I noticed some people in this thread talking about her small boobs and saying she looks odd, but I don’t think so. She has said she likes her small boobs. Why she couldn’t be happy with her own natural butt as well makes no sense to me! Jennifer Lopez has small boobs, but nobody has ever said her body looks odd. She put out that Booty video with Iggy and her ass is truly not that big anyway. It’s just a real shame that there are SO many fake plastic people in this world. Many are phony inside and out! It would be great if these people would either stay real or at least admit to being fake! How stupid do they think we are? JLo has had work done to her face. It’s quite obvious! A 45 yr old singer who has made deep facial expressions for years when she sings doesn’t just have those expressions disappear without paying someone to make them go away! A 45 yr old doesn’t naturally have a 20 something face. Take a look at her older pics, and the lines on her face, and how they’ve now all disappeared! In the Booty video she even has back wrinkles when she’s flexing her body! Just what were they supposed to be working on? That cigarette at the end is quite disgusting too! After all that dancing! Yeah! Ruin your lungs and look like a fool! Did you get off dancing by yourself and with Iggy and have to have an after orgasm smoke? Chick needs to really have a big booty before she makes a video about big booties! I guess that’s why she put Iggy in the video. So there’d be at least one big booty, even though it’s a fake one! She had to wedgie her ass and hang it all out to make it look bigger! Something else I thought about too. Not only will the ass stink if you don’t clean yourself properly after a dump, it also gets stinky and sweaty when a woman is dancing and thrashing around like a trashy stripper! I bet those wedgies stench so bad they have to be washed at least twice! Ewwwww! It’s just a real shame that women have been reduced to an ass!!! The worst part of it all is that the women are doing it to themselves!! How disgusting and degrading!!!

  • avatar Disgusted Angel says:

    *Stinking Excrement! Sorry for not spell checking that and a few other places!

  • avatar Frank Hyman says:

    stupid young beaiitch… looks like a fool. can’t sing. stupid lyrics. will fade away as a loser.

  • avatar Jay Rock says:

    The real problem is that she’s using children in a video about the ‘Murda Bizness’. All of you need to get a clue. Look and listen. The language is not something I would use around any kids of mine.

  • avatar Monica says:

    Wow, y’all are truly stupid. First off it’s the angle she’s standing, and the camera. Her ass was still fat in this video always has! People just can’t accept that a white woman can have a fat ass ! There are exercises you can do to make your ass bigger or more plump, plus the heels she wears helps ! I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, and NOTHING about her to me has ever changed!

  • avatar Chuck says:

    Talent-less hack.

  • avatar dada says:

    This may be a dumb question but is she bi-racial…part black?

  • avatar Minky says:

    Why do these girls think this kind of butt is attractive. Only black and Hispanic men like this, and thats what they get.

    • avatar oyibomama says:

      That is what we beautiful, educated white females want. Decent, educated, hard working black men. Our beautiful biracial children are the God’s chosen. Weak white females are with perverted white psycho gay in closet white males (one of the reasons they like flat bony ass). God loves our precious blended families. Amen.

      • avatar Bill says:

        What a dumb, uneducated comment to make. Not much worse than a half breed/mulatto. Why would you want to torture your own flesh & blood that way. You are a true liberal sicko. I feel sorry for your types but even more so for your offspring who had no say in your perverted ways.

  • avatar Minky says:

    They are all cooky cutter brazilian butt lifts, they all look the same…Iggy, Kim…

  • avatar bluewhaless says:

    knew it. i just dont appreciate that she didnt went out and say it. she clearly had work done on her lips too. it looks good so thank god it didnt go badly but lying? i didnt appreciate that. i also knew it, it just didnt look natural at all. plus i think she looks better with her naturally booty.

  • avatar Gero says:

    Doesn’t matter what color. Classless and clueless.

  • avatar DGAF says:


  • avatar Glam says:

    Sounds like DGAF and oyibomama need to get together. They can create the Oreo cookie halflings of their naive, race-illiterate,
    ill-bred delusions.
    Perhaps Iggy is a halfbreed: white on top, black on bottom, and fully accepted by none.

    Yes, she had injections to bulk up her hips and rear. If you have eyeballs and an I.Q. over 50 you’d explicitly know this.
    A gigantic ass makes her more appealing to the rap culture and to the team’s of bruthas who’ve passed her around like a party joint.
    Her shape looked WAY too exaggerated, and she recently realized this.
    I believe it was Joel McHale who accurately described her figure reminiscent of an albino avacado.
    So, she had breast implants to balance things. Good call.
    Anything she may or may not have done to her face must be judged as brilliantly executed.

  • avatar Chris L says:

    Like is almost always the case with celebrity women and their faces, she looked MUCH better before the surgery.

  • avatar Margie says:

    How about, its her body, her money… she decides what she wants to do with it, you dont pay her bills.. Now a days 80% of famous people being actors or musicians have had some sort of work done…

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