Bethenny Frankle’s Big Fat Lie: “I’ve Never Had Plastic Surgery”


Apparently Bethenny Frankel has either been drinking on the job, or she has a very selective memory. The talk show host, who is known for blind-siding her guests and regularly asks them if they’ve had plastic surgery, got stuck in the hot seat when she asked Big Ang what plastic surgery she had done, and Big Ang turned around and asked Bethenny, “well, what did you get?”. I guess that wasn’t in the script, because Bethenny straight up just started lying. According to Bethenny Frankle, she’s never had plastic surgery:

I didn’t get plastic surgery. I didn’t get plastic surgery…

I guess she forgot about her god-awful breast implants when she told Big Ang and her talk show viewers that she’s never had plastic surgery?

Bethenny Frankel’s and the mysterious breast implants that she ended up with by not having plastic surgery:
bethenny frankle bad boob job

No, I’ve had Botox, but I don’t get it regularly, as you can tell, but I’ve tried it, but I didn’t get plastic surgery…“, lied Bethenny. But, when she realized what a big fat lie she was trying to tell, she started back peddling, “Oh that’s not true, I had a lift! I had a lift. Well, years ago, I wanted to lift [the boobs]“.

I never would have thought that I would be saying that Big Ang is a classier lady than Bethenny Frankle, but she certainly out-classed Bethenny by a long shot during her interview on “Bethenny”. Big Ang even played along with Bethenny’s outrageous plastic surgery lie and complimented the 43-year old reality star, turned talk show host, by saying, “Oh, your so beautiful”.

Bethenny Frankel and Big Ang on the “Bethenny” show:

So do you want to know the truth about Bethenny Frankel and plastic surgery? Bethenny has had at least two different sets of breast implants (those crazy-bad ones that you see above and the smaller ones that she has now). She has also had a breast lift and she also gets her Botox on. So, since her plastic surgery past has been as extensive as at least THREE major plastic surgeries, we are calling bullsh!t on Bethenny Frankel and her claims of never having plastic surgery and/or her “selective memory”.

Bethenny Frankel in 2010, after her second boob job:
bethenny frankel in 2010 after her second boob job

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