Jackie Stallone Will Not Stop Having Bad Plastic Surgery, Even in Her 90’s


Jackie Stallone is aware that her excessive plastic surgery is to blame for her shocking appearance, but does that mean that the 92-year old mother of Sylvestor Stallone is swearing off of future cometic surgeries? Certainly not!

Not surprisingly, Jackie is still unhappy with the way she looks, even after undergoing extensive plastic surgery throughout the years.

Jackie Stallone through the years:
jackie stallone through the years pictures

Jackie is well known for her bad plastic surgery and even she admits that the results of her plastic surgery obsession has left her looking worse than before. According to Jackie:

I look like I’ve got a mouthful of nuts. I feel I look like a chipmunk.

Jackie has also been likened to a bulldog by media outlets, and she wholeheartedly agrees. She also admits that her altered appearance is just not normal, but she is not willing to give up the fight for youthful appearances and beauty. Even at 92 years of age, Jackie Stallone is still having plastic surgery and has no plans to stop. You would think that being a “psychic”, Jackie would be able to foresee that plastic surgery is not going to make her prettier or happier, but apparently the scalpel is her Kryptonite. And, it will probably be the death of Jackie Stallone. Having elective surgery in your 90’s is pretty much a suicide attempt.

Jackie Stallone in 2013, after her latest plastic surgery:jackie stallone bad plastic surgery

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