The Latest “Real Life Barbie” Is Taking Her Obsession To A Whole New Level


There have been dozens of women who claim to be the “Real Life Barbie” after they’ve obsessively changed their faces and bodies with plastic surgery. Sarah Burge, Valeria Lukyanova and Cindy Jackson have all cashed in their 15-minutes of fame attesting to look like the popular plastic Barbie Doll, but watch out ladies, here comes Blondie Bennett and she is taking her Barbie obsession to a whole new level. In addition to having an absurd amount of plastic surgery, Blondie Bennett is also undergoing hypnotherapy to make her dumber and more ditzy.

brainless barbie bennett plastic surgery

Like all of the other wannabe Barbie’s, 38-year old Blondie Bennett has had extensive plastic surgery on her face and body, including 5 boob jobs, liposuction, rhinoplasty surgery, numerous rounds of Botox and regular filler injections in her face and lips. But, Blondie doesn’t want to stop at mere appearances and is undergoing weekly sessions with a hypnotherapist in an attempt to become more ditzy and vacant. According to Blondie, “I don’t like being human…I want people to treat me like a plastic sex doll“.

Blondie Bennett talks to the Daily Mail about her Barbie obsession:

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Blondie Bennett claims that she is unemployed and that she has “a special guy” that pays for her rent and other men pay for her regular trips to the plastic surgeon in exchange for pictures of her dressed as a Barbie. What she failed to mention is that she is actually just a washed up old pornstar trying to drum up some business. Up until a year ago, “Blondie” went by Barbie Bennett and has been in the fetish modeling and adult film industry for over 10 years. She has starred in such classic films as “House on Hooter Hill” and “The Breastford Wives”. In addition to getting naked and having sex for money, Blondie Bennett also makes money by filming herself having lip injections and Botox for guys that have plastic surgery fetishes.

Barbie Blondie Bennett then and now:
Barbie Bennett Before Plastic Surgery

I guess if that was my life, I would want to erase my brain too…

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  • avatar Lola says:

    I have no idea who these girls are fooling when they call themselves Barbie – because the only thing similar are those cheap knock off dollar store “Barbie” dolls with the weird faces.

    I feel very sad that she wants degrade herself even further by using hypnosis to make her dumber. If anything, she needs therapy.

    I honestly thought she was an Asian old lady clinging hard for her youth – the surgeries she has even erased her ethnicity !

    She was a stunner in her younger years and now she joins the ranks of Michael Jackson, Wildenstein and that “ken doll” freak that looks like a living sim character more than anything.

    Good on her for being “innovative” on ways to bring in money though.

  • avatar Shelly says:

    She has a butt on her chest!!

  • avatar Bill says:

    What a gorgeous sexy woman! Could this be the perfect woman? She’s damn close. I’m sure her “friend” knows how damned lucky he is. Rock on Miss Bennett.

  • avatar Lol says:

    So I was wondering to myself… who the F has a plastic surgery fetish?!? Apparently it’s Bill… LOL! Ugh what a shame, she actually used to be really pretty.

    • avatar Bill says:

      Plastic surgery fetish………..hardly! I just appreciate a woman who is interested in keeping herself looking attractive. I’m on here to balance out the dopes like you and the author of this goofy forum. Idiots like you say she used to be attractive, well she was 14 yrs ago. The aging process continues, regardless of surgery. But she’s still wants to look good and I applaud her for it. By the way, she has definitely succeeded. Maybe you should quit criticizing and see what you could do to improve yourself (and that doesn’t necessarily mean surgery), like an attitude adjustment. Why do I say that – because you’re an ASS!!!

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