Christina Hendricks Got A Breast Reduction


Looks like Christina Hendricks is over those super-voluptuous breast implants, because she has recently downsized, like whoa!

Christina Hendricks before and after downsizing her breast implants:
Christina Hendricks breast reduction plastic surgery

The curvy actress shot to fame on the popular TV show “Mad Men” and has quickly become known for her fiery red hair and gigantic breasts. Christina Hendricks has always maintained that her breasts are real, going so far as to claim that her boobs are “so obviously real, that anyone who has every seen or touched a breast would know“, but it it pretty obvious to anyone that has eyes, that she is lying about her lady lumps.

The Smoking Gun: Playboy released photos of a photoshoot that Christina Hendricks did pre-plastic surgery:
christina hendricks before boob job playboy shoot

While 38-year old Christina is still boasting some serious curves, the change in her cup size is apparent and she has gone from an F-cup to what appears to be a much more manageable DD-cup. She has had her previous implants for around 10 years, which is the typical shelf-life before it is recommended that you replace them, so we are not surprised that she decided to downsize when given the option.

What do you think about Christina Hendricks, less-in-your-face breasts? Good call on the breast reduction or do you think it will effect her career? Personally, I prefer a woman with breasts smaller than her head, but, hey, perhaps thats just me…

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  • avatar yo yo mama says:

    Looks the same to me, I think it’s a difference in clothing. And I’m pretty sure her breasts are real; she’s gained a bit of weight since her playboy spread. The difference in size would make the implants really obvious. I think she’s just lucky it distributes so well when she gains.

  • avatar Fy says:

    She’s one person who I actually believe when she says her boobs are real. She was younger and slimmer in that photo, and she gains and loses weight in her chest first. I have a similar body type; if I gain weight I can go up two or three cup sizes for every jeans size. Plus, those dresses seem to have some built-in corsetry that adds bulk and pushes her breasts up and out to an extreme degree. Weird styling, weight fluctuations, real boobs.

  • avatar Bill says:

    If she has implants I sure hope she’s smart enough not to reduce them. Either way, they’re gorgeous.

  • avatar stephanie says:

    christina hendricks is full of ****. i can’t believe she could keep a straight face while denying those fun bags aren’t made of rubber and silicone. in her defense, she has had both sets of implants put under the chest muscles so the top arc isn’t so noticeable, but she should’ve had the surgeon even out the first set since the right one was at least a cup size larger than the left. the second set is much better. she did get a pretty good nose job though.

  • avatar Lily says:

    She’s just not wearing a push-up bra in the other photo. Us girls know how push-ups work. The whole boob you see is pretty much the entire boob, while the boob you don’t see is all padding. That’s all. And she probably wears cutlets ontop of it.

  • avatar darren says:

    who gives a fuck, just watch gods pocket,wow what a pair

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