Let’s Talk About Kim Novak and Bad Plastic Surgery…


Former actress Kim Novak clearly stole the show at the Oscar Awards this year, but unfortunately it was for all the wrong reasons. Kim presented the award for Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature Film at the 86th annual Oscar Awards, and rather than being heralded as the legendary actress that she is, her bad plastic surgery was the focus of her Oscar appearance.

Kim Novak through the years:
Kim Novak Bad Plastic Surgery

Kim Novak rose to fame in the 1950’s and may be best known for her leading role in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”. In the early 90’s Kim retired from acting and moved to Oregon to raise llamas and horses with her husband. After stepping out of the public eye for so many years, one has to wonder how Kim Novak began down the path of bad plastic surgery?

After her appearance at the Oscars, not surprisingly, Twitter lit up with negative comments about Kim’s shocking new look. The media and some celebrities tried to counter balance the negativity with claims/excuses regarding her age, mental health status and the fact that she is a cancer survivor, but honestly what do any of those things have to do with getting bad plastic surgery? Yes, we understand that Kim did not sign up to have “bad” plastic surgery, but she did agree to let a plastic surgeon alter her iconic face in a bid to look younger or better. Obviously that did not pan out as planned, and for lack of a better word, Kim’s plastic surgery endeavors have left her looking like a mutant. She doesn’t look 80, she doesn’t look 40, she just looks bizarre.

So are actresses damned if they do and damned if they don’t, when it comes to having plastic surgery? I don’t think so. If Kim Novak walked out on the stage with wrinkles on her face and her pretty smile, do you really think people would respond to that with “Ewww! Did you see that 80-year old lady with WRINKLES at the Oscars?! So gross!!!”. My case in point: Betty White. Betty is 91 and wears it well. Do you see people putting down her appearance because she has a few wrinkles? No. Why? Because she looks like a human.

Real versus plastic: Betty White and Kim Novak:
betty white versus kim novak plastic surgery

So, yes, we think it is unfortunate that Kim Novak is being blasted in cyberspace for having bad plastic surgery, but it would be even more unfortunate to pretend like this is normal. It’s like having a giant leaf of spinach stuck on your front tooth in your senior picture and your mom telling you that you look beautiful, when clearly that is not the case…

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