What’s Up With Bruce Jenner’s New Look?


It’s the question of the ages: Is Bruce Jenner undergoing cosmetic procedures to become a woman or is he simply addicted to plastic surgery, Michael Jackson-style? Okay, so it may not be the question of the ages, but it’s one everyone is asking these days. And while the Kardashian klan is vehemently denying rumors that “Bruce” may soon go by “Brenda,” we simply can’t ignore the fact that the former Olympian has gone from ruggedly handsome to a little over-Botoxed to downright weird looking.

Bruce Jenner has clearly undergone some surgical changes recently:

According to the Kardashian/Jenner crew, Bruce (who they say is “super manly”) is not changing his identity or undergoing gender reassignment, he is simply suffering from a mid-life crisis, Harley Davidson and all. They have noted though, that the 64-year-old is struggling with what has been described as a Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery. Apparently, the blame for Bruce’s plastic surgery obsession is being put squarely on the shoulders of Kris Kardashian, who has always encouraged Bruce to have his face nipped and tucked.

Before reality TV, plastic surgery and the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner was better known as an Olympic athlete:

Let’s get real though, Bruce has had more than a nip here and a tuck there; his appearance has changed so drastically since his days as an Olympic gold medalist in the 70’s and especially during his Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame, that he is almost completely unrecognizable now. Among the plastic surgery procedures Bruce has reportedly checked off his list are: nose jobs, multiple facelifts, loads of Botox, a laryngeal shave, surgery to remove excess fat from above his eyelids and even lip injections. Some call this an identity crisis, but the experts are calling it body dysmorphic disorder – an overwhelming obsession with a minor or nonexistent physical flaw.

Not only has Bruce Jenner hit up his plastic surgeon one too many times over the years, but now that he’s a single man, he has started growing out his hair, which he occasionally wears in a ponytail, and has also sported longer fingernails, hair plugs, and overly-tweezed, feminine-looking eyebrows. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a guy foregoing a haircut and cuticle trim every now and then, but in combination with Bruce’s recent laryngeal shave (surgery to have his Adam’s apple shaved down), he is definitely starting to look like a woman, hence the sex change rumors.

bruce jenner plastic surgery tranformation 2014

Whatever the reason behind Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgery transformation, neither Brandon nor Brody Jenner are happy about it. In fact, both Jenner boys have decided to leave KUWTK now that Bruce has officially split from Kris, and one source says it’s because they want to “forge a new relationship with their dad, with no cameras present.” Truth be told, Bruce could probably benefit from a little male bonding with his sons, because if he goes under the knife one more time, he’s going to turn into Kris, or worse, Kim.

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