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As if Valeria Lukyanova’s story wasn’t annoying and weird enough, the 28-year-old Ukranian model who underwent loads of plastic surgery to transform herself into a creepy human Barbie doll is now claiming that she plans to nix food and water and survive on light and air alone. During a recent interview, Valeria revealed that she is becoming a Breatharian, which means she believes food and water are not necessary for survival. Considering the fact that some followers of Breatharianism have died of starvation, we just can’t wait to see how the Human Barbie’s latest PR stunt turns out.

Valeria Lukyanova:
human barbie valeria lukyanova

If the rumors about Valeria’s involvement in Breatharianism are true, it means that she believes she can exist on “cosmic micro-food,” whatever the heck that is. She said in an interview last month: “In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all; I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.” Keep in mind, this comes after the model and singer claimed last year that she was from another planet and could communicate with aliens through light, that she can time travel, and that she sometimes has out-of-body experiences. Sounds like the side effects of starvation to us!

A recent interview with Valeria Lukyanova:

Valeria Lukyanova first gained attention online in 2012 with her YouTube videos that showed off her scary-skinny doll-like proportions. While some believe she uses Photoshop to alter her appearance in photos, the rest of us have easily recognized her obvious obsession with plastic surgery. I mean, just look at before and after pictures of Valeria Lukyanova’s plastic surgery transformation. The 28-year-old has received plenty of backlash about her appearance, but she takes it all in stride. “I don’t take them seriously,” she told V magazine in an interview. “I’m even flattered! It’s what success is like. I’m happy I seem unreal to them, it means I’m doing a good job.”

Today, Valeria sports an extremely small waist, skeletal arms, enormous doll-like eyes (thanks to colored contact lenses) and an appropriately vacant expression, which she sees as the embodiment of physical perfection. Perfection doesn’t come easy though, and the Human Barbie is believed to have undergone lots of bad plastic surgery to achieve her doll-like appearance, including breast augmentation (which she actually admitted), liposuction, rib removal, rhinoplasty, filler injections and Botox (all of which she denies).

For the record, Valeria herself says her features are simply the result of hard work and good genes, but unless her parents were made by Mattel, this real-life Barbie is a real-life fraud.

Valeria Lukyanova before and after:
Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastic surgery

More pictures of Valeria before plastic surgery, here: Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastic surgery.

And, if you want to kill 20 minutes and a few brain cells, here is the Vice story on Valeria Lukyanova last year…when she was claiming to be “Space Barbie”:

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