Naya Rivera Clearly Has Breast Implants


Naya Rivera wants to show you something. (Hint: It isn’t the beach…)

naya rivera breast implants instagram picture

The Glee actress posted the picture above to her Instagram account, with the caption “Beach days…”, but no one is looking at the beach or much else besides Naya Rivera’s gigantic, obviously augmented breasts. The picture has set the internet afire wild with the question: Did Naya Rivera get breast implants?!

Duh? Of course the 27-year old “Glee” actress has breast implants and I’m pretty sure that anyone with eyeballs can confirm that her boobs are indeed of the silicon kind. Naya had a breast augmentation which took her from an A-cup to a large D-cup and she has actually had them for years. Appropriately enough, Naya debuted her new breasts in 2011 at the Golden Globe Awards.

Naya Rivera before and after getting breast implants:
naya rivera boob job before after plastic surgery

Naya Rivera has had a very successful acting career so far, but it will remain to be seen if her having plastic surgery will torpedo her career. Her steady flow of acting jobs started in the early 90’s and has since slowed to just “Glee” and a voiceover job here and there. Perhaps changing her look from gorgeous girl-next-door to run of the mill wannabe video vixen wasn’t in the best interest of her career? Only time will tell, but Naya Rivera wouldn’t be the first actress forgotten by Hollywood after having plastic surgery…

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