Why Jessica Simpson Isn’t Ready For Her Wedding Day


jsimp1Rumors have been flying around endlessly, as everyone tries to uncover why Jessica Simpson has postponed her wedding to Eric Johnson 2 times now! Some media reports have even hinted at relationship troubles and a dark double life lead by Eric Johnson. These rumors have been put to rest now, it seems  the reason the couple has yet to say “I do” has to do with something far shallower. Sources close to the Simpson family say Jessica simply wants to look perfect in her wedding photos, something that can’t yet be accomplished with her “sagging breasts” and Erica’s imperfect smile.

Jessica Simpson looked amazing when she stepped out last week sporting a tight toned body while wearing cut off shorts, reminiscent of her Daisy Duke days. She’s worked hard shedding 60 pounds of post-baby chub with her Weight Watcher’s campaign, but apparently the superstar and fashion designer doesn’t think she looks perfect enough, not for her wedding at least. Reports say that Simpson plans to get a breast lift before tying the knot at her fabulous Valentine’s Day wedding. According to Jessica, she wants her nipples to align somewhere near the center of her elbow and shoulder, and after breast-feeding 2-little ones her breasts are way too saggy for wedding photos.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson look like a picture perfect couple in this photo, but apparently without veneers and a breast lift the couple isn’t prepared to say “I do.”jessica simpson and Eric Johnson 2014

It’s not just Jessica’s breasts; according to one source Eric’s grill is also about to get a $50,000 overhaul to ensure his smile is pearly perfect on their wedding day too. Veneers cost around $2,600 a teeth, which is no problem when you’re Jessica Simpson and you get paid millions of dollars to simply lose weight (thanks Weight Watchers). A pal told Star Magazine, “She wants Eric to have the best teeth in town when they tie the knot.” Still, another pal has stepped into the media spotlight to report these accusations as wild, outlandish and not true at all. I guess we won’t know for sure until copies of their future wedding photos surface, I know I will be examining her chest and his mouth very closely.

Jessica isn’t alone in her decision, apparently her and her sister Ashlee have been chatting about getting new breasts together. A source close to the family says about Ashlee, “Evan likes skinny women with large breasts. She wants to get this done as soon as possible. Jessica has curves in all the right places, while Ashlee is stick thin. She’s determined to change that.” I guess if you bag Evan Ross, son of the Diana Ross, you don’t want to lose him! Also, we are the people we hang around with, and if Ashlee’s big sis demands perky breasts to be beautiful, apparently little sis does too.

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