Mark Wahlburg Packs on 50lbs For His New Role in Transformers


skinny mark wahlburg 2014In tune to the title of his new movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” Mark Wahlberg has undergone a total transformation. The last time you saw Mr. Wahlberg he likely looked a lot thinner than he does right now. The popular actor recently lost a great deal of weight for his serious role as a professor and gambling addict in, “The Gambler.” After successfully dropping to 137 pounds, Mark had to bulk right back up in order to qualify for his next role in Transformers.  Looking thin isn’t easy for Mark; he admitted to People Magazine, “It’s a lot easier to put it on than it is to lose it.” The 42-year old actor is a food lover and prefers to be around 190 pounds, which he hasn’t quite reached yet—he’s still hovering around 176 pounds.

Gaining and losing weight is something Mark is very used to, prior to his role in, “The Gambler,” Mark had to bulk up for the film, “Pain and Gain”. He packed on the pounds by eating 10 times a day and working out with a trainer 5 days a week to beef up. When it came time to rewind his weight gain, Mark says that he got down from 196 pounds to 135 pounds by first embarking on a liquid diet, before switching back to solid foods but skipping out on bread, pasta, and wine. Towards the end of his weight loss regime he adds that he incorporates, “…small portions of protein throughout the day and jumping rope a lot.”

Mark Wahlburg then and now:
maark wahlburg weight loss weight gain

Going up and down in weight can undoubtedly poise a health risk, which Mark comments, “I’m trying to do it in the safest way possible.” Mark gains and loses weight for his roles using proper nutrition, exercise, and guidance from his doctor to ensure he is healthy at any weight he is required to be.

It’s a part of Mark’s job to change his appearance to properly portray certain characters, but undoubtedly he enjoys some roles more than others. Mark loves to eat and so he prefers to gain weight, something his latest film gives him the perfect opportunity to do. Mark has commented on his extreme excitement over the release of Transformers, this is the first kid movie he has ever acted in, giving him something fun to share with his own children.

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