Amanda Bynes Reveals New Look After Removing Breast Implants, Tattoos and More!


This time last year, Amanda Bynes was setting fires in the yard of random neighbors, tweeting crazy talk and getting arrested for throwing a bong out the window of her apartment. Fast forward through several bad wigs, mugshots and finally a conservatorship awarded to her parents, it looks like 28-year old Amanda has finally got her life back on track! The retired actress, who has recently gone back to school to study fashion design, spent her spring break in Mexico where she revealed a whole new look.

Amanda Bynes then and now:
Amanda Bynes breast implants removed

While Amanda is still sporting some bad hair extensions (thanks to a head-shaving episode during her downward spiral), she looked great while rocking a lime green bikini and didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Contributing to her new look, a few things from Amanda’s past were noticeably missing…Particularly her breast implants and angel wing tattoo that she used to have on her arm! Also missing are the cheek piercings that Amanda got in her effort to emulate famous stripper Blac Chyna.

Amanda Bynes began the painful tattoo removal process in January:
Amanda BYnes tattoo removalPhoto: Pop Star Tats

Amanda decided to remove her breast implants because she found them to be “uncomfortable”, but quite honestly, we didn’t believe her when she tweeted about it last year. Around the same time she was obsessively tweeting all sorts of nonsense and claimed to be on her 4th nose job as well. But, it does indeed look like she went through with it and had her breast implants removed as her breasts are smaller and more natural looking now.

Amanda before and after breast implants, and after having them removed:
Amanda Bynes breast implant reduction

All in all, it’s great to see Amanda Bynes get the help that she needs and transform her life. Not surprisingly, along with ditching the breast implants, tattoos and piercings, Amanda has also erased all of the crazy tweets that she made last year and is starting fresh!

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