Beyonce’s Skinny Thighs Spark Photoshopping Speculation


Beyonce shared some candid photos from her tropical vacation today, and, oh boy! Did these pictures get everyone’s panties in a bunch. Why, you ask? Well, I hate to break it to you but Beyonce has a “thigh gap”!!! You know, that space between the thighs that fit women typically have.

The picture in question was posted to Beyonce’s Instagram account and shows the singer, clad in a red and white bikini, golfing in a tropical local. See the controversial picture here:

Beyonce posted this picture to her Instagram account and official website:
beyonce thigh gap vacation golfing

While we can agree that Beyonce looks thin in the photo that she posted, we find it asinine that a thigh gap on a woman as fit as Beyonce immediately sparks a “photoshopped!” or “plastic surgery!” rumor.

Beyonce also posted this picture today:
beyonce golfing high waist bikini

Beyonce just finished her “The Miss Carter Show World Tour”, where she has been traveling the world and performing rigorous performances complete with intense dance routines, almost every day since June 2013. She has literally been dancing her ass off for 9 months, people! So yeah, Beyonce is a probably as thin as she has ever been, but we bet that her “thigh gap” will fill in a bit now that her tour is over and she has some time to relax with her family. No Photoshop needed.

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