Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals Botched, Painful Plastic Surgery


Do you ever wonder if Alessandra Ambrosio has undergone any surgery to get her banging body and perfectly proportioned face? According to her she has only been under the knife one time, and the experience was so terrifying she plans to ward off plastic surgery forever!

Alessandra Ambrosio after having plastic surgery. Can you guess what she’s had done?
alessandra ambrosio plastic surgery after pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio always knew that she wanted to be a model, but she never knew just how famous she would become. In fact, when she graduated from modeling school at age 15, she imagined a short modeling career spanning until she was 19-years old, tops. My, oh my, was she wrong! Now, at 32-years old, the mega model is a Victoria Secret Angel who has also worked for big brands such as Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, Next, and Ralph Lauren.  During a recent interview with The Edit, Alassandra admitted she started off with big dreams and big insecurities.

Back when modeling was simply an aspiration, Alessandra worried that her ears stuck out too much and so she decided to have them pinned back. And get this, she was only 11 years old!

Can you tell the difference? Alessandra Ambrosio then and now:Image001

At 11-years old, obvious it was her first cosmetic procedure, and it was also the first time the Brazilian doctor performing the surgery had actually attempted to pin ears back. If that’s not scary enough, the recovery left Alessandra feeling like she had her ears cut off! Unfortunately, in this case the pain didn’t pay off and she had to come back in and have “mini surgeries” for an entire year as her doctor attempted to fix them. Her ears never did turn out perfect, but in her own words, “Doctors say they can fix them (today) but cosmetic surgery freaks me out now.” She’ll keep her ears just how they are, and everything else too. Apparently Ambrosio is still traumatized, but we’ll see if that changes when gravity starts to take its toll on her tight face and figure. 

Alessandra now has a ‘pulled back’ look to her ears, but not bad for a “botched surgery”?

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  • avatar Jima says:

    You should have talked about her brand new ridiculous implants as well…Looks like shoe got over her fears after popping two kids out and seeing younger, perkier models arriving at the VS offices by the truckload. Check out her Vogue Carnival Party from February if you have no idea what I’m talking about. It looks like her and Miranda Kerr got a two for one special…

  • avatar Lala says:

    It’s the other ear that looks bad, poor thing.

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