Why Michelle Obama Supports Plastic Surgery


This year Michelle Obama turned 50 years old, although the First Lady might look younger now than ever before. While she attributes her good looks to eating well, exercising, and never missing a check up with her doctor, she also admits that there’s nothing wrong with getting a little plastic surgery. In fact, Michelle Obama told People magazine that she has learned, “never say never” when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She promotes all women to do whatever they need to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Some people have attacked People magazine for asking Mrs. Obama about her appearance when more important (and less sexist) matters could be discussed. But she gets enough questions about the state of the world; some of us want to know how she keeps herself looking so fresh at 50. Some rumors hint that Mrs. Obama already has undergone the knife, or at least gotten a few vials full of Botox between her brows. Looking at pictures of Michelle throughout the years it’s hard to deny the possibilities, but then again, if she does have Botox, we doubt she’d be able to make this face…


Still, Michelle Obama is one of those women who grows more beautiful the older that she gets, her net worth and popularity increase simultaneously, granting her discreet access to top cosmetic procedures that would look natural and flawless—just like the First Lady. Also, other women in the public spot light have admitted that the best way to look young forever (and naturally so) is to start with minor cosmetic procedures before any real lines of ageing ever appear.

Overtime Botox wears off, allowing your face muscles to relax again, which is consistent with Michelle Obama’s face, which looks tighter in some photos than it appears in others, case in point:

Has Michelle Obama had Botox or other cosmetic surgeries?

People Magazine even went so far as to ask Michelle Obama if she has “peaked,” you know hit her prime of life. Although she is arguably the most beautiful she has ever been, Mrs. Obama thinks she is far from peaking, in fact she still sees a bright future ahead with continued public service, and her girls going off to college. We can’t wait to see how well Michelle ages as the years go by—with or without plastic surgery.

Michelle Obama over the past few years:
Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Pictures

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