Frances Bean Cobain’s Shocking Plastic Surgery Transformation


Frances Bean Cobain popped into Coachella over the weekend and blew our f%&*ing minds! While everyone else seems to be commenting on the resemblance she and fiance Isaiah Silva bear to her parents, we find Frances’s shocking plastic surgery transformation far more intriguing.

Frances Bean Cobain then and now:
Frances Bean Cobain before and after plastic surgery

Frances Bean Cobain has successfully completed her “awkward child of super famous parents” phase, and is now into the “I have a fat trust fund and got plastic surgery because I’m a hipster” phase.

Frances before and after plastic surgery:
Frances Bean Cobain Plastic Surgery

Clearly, the 21-year old daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain has had plastic surgery. Her lips are at least three times the size that they used to be! We also suspect a nose job, but that remains to be seen. The rest of her transformation could be weight loss and the young socialite simply growing into her features, but we can’t get past the ridiculous trout pout. Following in her parents footsteps of going over-the-top, Frances has already overdone the plastic surgery and she is barely out of her teens.

Frances Bean Cobain before and after lip injections:
Frances Bean Cobain Lip Injections

Honestly we are dyeing a bit inside watching Kurt Cobain’s only child travel down the path of superficial plastic surgery fuckery, but I guess what can you really expect when Courtney Love is your mother and role model? You would think that Courtney would steer her own daughter away from plastic surgery after the bad outcome she experienced, but then again, this is Courtney Love that we are talking about and she’s probably the one that suggested it, paid for it, and drove Frances to and from the plastic surgeon.

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  • avatar Cat says:

    She looks like she might have had her chin shaved too. I think she looks pretty and maybe this is her way of stepping out of her parents’ shadows. Hopefully she will learn to love herself – I am actually more worried about how tiny she is now than is she has had lip injections

  • avatar Michelle Q says:

    Whoa! Frances is unrecognizable after all that surgery! I agree with Cat that she’s had chin work done for sure. She does look cute now, but her lips are going to be a f#*^ing mess by the time she is 30..

  • avatar Lola says:

    She looks gorgeous ! Her makeup, surgeries, weight loss and styling is all on point – I can’t hate on her

    She definitely had some chin work done – I believe one of the most painful procedures next to ear pinning. I can’t believe such a young girl would put herself through that pain.

    She should stop – she’s perfect now, I really hope she doesn’t get anymore procedures done

  • Normally I don’t like lip injections, but she had really small lips before and I think she looks great now. The thick eyebrows balance out the full lips.

  • avatar bryan says:

    i agree linda her lips are sexxy as fuck she looks great

  • avatar Me says:

    I think all the work she had done looks great!!! She looks fantastic, I hope she quits while she’s ahead. She doesn’t need anything else.

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