Chumlee Drops Over 100 Lbs After the Premature Death of His Father


If you watch the show Pawn Stars you definitely know who Chumlee is. Formally known as Austin Russell, Chum stars on the hit TRUTV series playing himself, a slow sort of guy that keeps everyone around the pawnshop laughing (or yelling) over his never ending stupid antics and lazy ‘fat man’ personality. Instead of another dumb move, everyone is now talking about Chumlee’s recent weight loss.

Chumlee is looking much thinner flirting with this mystery brunette last weekend at the Hard Rock pool in Las Vegas:

In the beginning of Pawn Stars Season 1 the whole crew was fat, father (Rick Harrison), son (Corey Harrison), and friend Chumlee. Yet at as the show scores more seasons and the crew collects their riches, they all seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer…

Pawn Stars co-star Corey Harrison has lost even more weight than Chum!

Just last weekend Chum showed off his sexy new curves at the Hard Rock pool in Las Vegas. Now listen ladies, it’s not like the guy is packing a six pack or any sort of ‘figure’ but it’s a grand improvement from the 100+ pounds heavier he used to be! None of the ladies at Hard Rock seemed to mind, coming from all over to flirt with the reality star—and while his weight loss helps, we doubt these girls would have cared either way.


Chum probably knows this and might not even care, according to him he’s becoming concerned with his own health because he doesn’t want to end up short-changed like his own father, who died at only 54 from pancreatic cancer.  Although rumors surfaced recently that Chumlee was dead at only 31 from a heart attack, thankfully shortly after Chum took to his Twitter account to dispel these rumors, tweeting: “May we live long, Rich forever.”

In order to continute living his new rich life, Chumlee has lost over 100 pounds by eating well and going to the gym 6 times a week. “I drink a juice smoothie every morning.” He adds, causing any Pawn Star fan to cock their head, remembering a once fatter Chumlee that couldn’t diet for more than one day.

Chumlee has been tight with the Pawn Stars family for a long time. Rick Harrison, part owner of the shop, even hired Chum and his son Corey to run a Quizno’s sub shop franchise for a while. I can actually see Chumlee making sandwiches in one of those black aprons! He won’t be caught making sandwiches now though, Chumlee is shedding pounds and getting fresh with the ladies, catching up on all of those years he never got laid.

Chumlee before and after losing over 100lbs:Chumlee before after weight loss

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