Ever Wonder What Michael Jackson’s Plastic Surgery Test Dummy Looks Like? Meet Steve Erhardt.


Steve Erhardt has spent $300,000 trying to look perfect, but he still hates taking pictures. Despite the 45+ surgeries he has undergone to perfect his image, he expects there will be more and plans to have a large celebration for his 50th cosmetic surgery. “I don’t like lines, I don’t like wrinkles.” He told Dr. Phil in an interview. Although he also admits that he doesn’t like a lot of attention, yet he uses his surgeries to score a lot of gawking! In fact, as a successful businessman, Steve worries that without all his surgeries his career would have ended twenty years ago.

Steve Erhardt after over $300,000 of plastic surgery:

Looking unnatural is not an insult to Steve who wants to look fake, prompting him to go after every surgery he can think of, including: solid silicon muscle implants throughout his body, liposuction under his check bones, coronal lift, feather lift, lower and upper eyelid reconstruction, 10 lip injections, facial tattoos (aka permanent makeup), Botox, and the list goes on.  The doctor responsible for 42 of Mr. Erhardt’s surgeries is none other than Dr. Steven Hoefflin. When you think of Hollywood’s plastic surgery legends some of Dr. Hoefflin’s best patients come to mind, such as Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson.

Some of Dr Steven Hoefflin’s finest work?

Michael Jackson’s string of surgeries began in 1984 after a bad burn on the set of a Pepsi commercial required skin grafting. Many cosmetic surgeries would follow, although Steve Erhardt says that his first cosmetic procedure with Dr. Hoefflin set the stage for Michael Jackson’s notorious cleft chin. Steve Erhardt says that he was the “guinea pig” for the procedure Jackson would later obtain.

When asked about his work on Steve Erhardt, Dr. Hoefflin claims that Steve demands so much plastic surgery because he has narcissistic tendencies, while this sounds like a direct insult to Erhardt, Dr. Hoefflin goes on to explain that, in his opinion, most people in our modern society are narcissistic and so this is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Although he doubts there is any surgery left to do on Erhardt, although Erhardt is already banking on the maintenance procedures he will require. It sounds like someone might be addicted to going under the knife; others argue Erhardt only wants attention. To these claims Steve simply says: “I’m not an attention whore, I’m very low profile”

Somehow, in between all of these surgeries, Steve has kept up with his Hollywood Secrets Haircare business, which must bring in enough cash flow to pay for his extensive list of surgeries, including breast implants…I mean pecs!




  • avatar Anon says:

    Who would ever want to go to the plastic surgeon who did work on these three, seeing how they’ve turned out?

  • avatar Bob Bunsen says:

    Anybody who looks at that picture of Joan Rivers and says “I want some of that” needs therapy – badly. And the surgeon who did that should lose his license.

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