Cher Lloyd Gets New Teeth. Are Breast Implants Next On Her List?


We all have something about our appearance we would like to change, for Cher Lloyd, it was her teeth; “I hate my teeth. I hate them, I look like a complete and utter rabbit.” She told More magazine last year before her dramatic smile transformation. It’s not just Cher’s teeth that are changing, after hitting it big on the UK version of X Factor Cher started spending the majority of her time in Hollywood, where body image and appearance has clearly rubbed off on the star and her ever-changing appearance.

This older photo of Cher Lloyd shows off the gap tooth smile she apparently “hates”:

2013 was a big year for Cher, she was married and released an album, singing some of her tracks alongside famous names such as Ne-Yo. It seems all of her dreams are coming true, and with or without rabbit teeth Cher Lloyd has become a household name. Although the public’s acceptance over her gap-tooth smile, which is often compared to Madonna’s, wasn’t enough to keep Cher’s own hatred for her teeth at bay. Cher has undergone cosmetic dentistry; recent photos reveal the pretty, petite songstress sporting a different smile, one without any sign of a gap between her two front teeth.

Cher Lloyd before and after getting veneers:

In her song titled “I Wish,” Cher has a line that goes, “I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack,” and although the singer claims she really does want these body parts, she claims she won’t be getting any plastic surgery to obtain them. Sighting her petite figure as reason enough to skip out on the Kim Kardashian booty. In her own words, “You’d see the arse before you see me and I’m not down with that.” For now she’s just fine wearing her padded bras, which Cher sites as much cheaper, although we doubt she’s really worried about money these days.

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  • avatar Michelle Q says:

    I liked her teeth before the veneers. They were cute and gave her character. I think she looks much more like a rabbit with those large, blindingly white fake teeth!

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