Alessandra Ambrosio Busts Out The New Breast Implants For Carnival


We are used to seeing Alessandra Ambrosio in her Victoria’s Secret pushup bras, which give the illusion of cleavage, but never did we think that we would see the day when gorgeous Alessandra would fold and actually have plastic surgery in order to boost her cup size…

Alessandra Ambrosio before and after getting breast implants:Alessandra Ambrosio before and after boob job plastic surgery

Alessandra is an incredibly successful supermodel and is regaled as one of the most beautiful women in the world, but apparently that is not enough in this day and age, as the supermodel recently decided to go under the knife and increase her bust size with breast implants.

Alessandra is Brazilian, and Brazil is where she decided to debut her breast implants when she attended Carnival this year. Wearing an extremely low-cut pink gown and a crown of flowers, the 33-year old supermodel seemed very pleased to show off her newly enlarged breasts. Plastic surgery among Brazilians is extremely popular and is even thought of as a socioeconomic status symbol, so we are not a bit surprised that Alessandra felt completely comfortable showing off her obviously augmented breasts while partying at Carnival in Sao Paulo.

Alessandra shows off her news boobs in Brazil:

Not more than a few months ago, Alessandra claimed to be too afraid to have plastic surgery, after a botched otoplasty when she was 11-years old. Clearly, she has gotten over that fear, because shortly after that interview was published, she went and had a breast augmentation!

What do you think of Alessandra’s new breast implants? Do you think she was pressured into it in order to keep her Victoria’s Secret contract? Or perhaps the mom to two young children decided to get a little “mommy makeover”? Whatever her reasoning behind having a breast augmentation, all in all we think she looks fabulous, and for going up at least two cup sizes, her implants almost look like they could be natural.

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  • avatar Stephanie says:

    I think she looked better before the implants.

  • avatar Cat says:

    Before, you would see her face before anything else, now you just see the breasts – this is not an improvement. Hopefully she doesn’t go any larger.

  • avatar Lola says:

    This is sad – she had little to no body fat to carry them off. They look so weird and bolted on. Im guessing it would look better once they settle down a bit, they always look so off for the first couple of months.

    They dont look like teardrop or under muscle implants – round implants are always a dead giveaway. Breast implants usually look better on fuller/thicker women, especially those who have enough fat to mask the hard lines.

    She didn’t need them at all, but I understand the pressure she must have been under, especially with the competitive nature of her job. She looks happy at least !

  • avatar lola says:

    This is the classic case of strapping some hard, round plastic balls to a stick and expecting it to look good/natural. When you starve yourself out so that you have no boobs, no butt, and look like a clothes hanger, no amount of bought plastic is going to look good. Even though I never thought she was very beautiful to begin with (too masculine in the jaw, IMO), she *did* look more real before, and unique.

    • avatar Anon says:

      I agreed. Her face is strong with sharp angles. If you take the hair and body away, what’s left is a rather masculine face. But that’s ideal in the modeling world.

      Men magazine models “need” implants; supermodels do not.

  • avatar Callicore says:

    Did anyone else notice her chin/jawline/cheeks looking much thinner? I feel like she could cut me with it. Her nose also looks different.

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