Hilary Duff Needs to Stop With The Stupid Lip Injections Already…


Why is it that every time Hilary Duff has some sort of relationship trouble, she shows up with over-inflated lips? The 26-year old singer split from her husband Mike Comrie earlier this year and immediately went out and got some serious lip injections to plump up her pout.

Hilary Duff then and now. What’s up with those lips?!hilary duff before and after lip injections

Is she just pouting because of her relationship whoas, or has Hilary had a lip augmentation? The fact that she can hardly control her newly inflated lips makes that answer pretty obvious: Yes, Hilary Duff loves her some lip injections.

Back in January 2013, the “Our Lips Are Sealed” singer was photographed again with a rather plumped-up pout, and it was photographed for all to see. Rumors started circulating that she had work done, likely in the form of fillers, while others said it was just the way the paparazzi captured her expression in the moment. We’ll let you judge for yourself…

Hilary Duff’s crazy lips in January 2013:
Hilary Duff Bad Lip Plastic Surgery

There’s also been talk over the years that she had a nose job as well as breast augmentation. And while she’s neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, the before and after photos seem to point to Hilary’s love of plastic surgery.

Hilary and her husband have since patched things up and her lip injections have settled into a more manageable size, but we think she looks better without the lip fillers. What do you think?

Hilary Duff in Los Angeles last weekend:
hilary duff 2014 April 18

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