South Koreans Have Trouble Reentering Country After Extreme Plastic Surgery


Word on the street, South Korea has some awesome plastic surgeons! In fact women that live in China, Japan, and other close regions are traveling to South Korea to completely change their appearance. So much so that on the way back home they are facing a big conflict of identity. Customs officials don’t even believe these women’s passport photos, and many are having troubles being granted access back into their home country. While in 2011, 2,545 people traveled to South Korea from China to have surgery, a whopping 25,176 people came to the country for surgery in 2013.

Would you believe that this is the same woman in both photos? Before and after plastic surgery in South Korea:

Since customs officials are confused, some docs are now offering a “plastic surgery certificate” for their patients to carry back home with them, this way if ones’ identity is doubted, they can prove they have just undergone plastic surgery to change their appearance.

Women come to South Korea for the good surgeons and high-class facilities, but there is also serious distrust in Chinese doctors. In China plastic surgery clinics are owned and operated by businessmen who then hire out doctors, this has created a system laden with shady business. Unfortunately, they are not enough good doctors to combat the bad businessmen. It’s a game of luck trying to find a doctor you can trust in China, some are so hell-bent on making money that they have made monsters out of people, destroying their natural appearance for profit and greed. Some women are so fearful of Chinese doctors they even leave the country to give birth. The Korea Times has addressed this issue, also citing the death of the young singer Wang Bei after going under the knife with a Chinese surgeon.


Not all South Korean surgeries turn out well. People are wondering why the Chinese reporter above went to South Korea for surgery, this botch job could have been done by anyone! She appears to love it though; to each their own!

Now that South Korea is boosting such nice plastic surgery facilities, it seems only natural that people will flock there–sounds better than ending up dead or maimed.  Seems only ‘natural’ that women would rather go the same route as Angelababy, a popular celebrity in China known for her “goddess” status. Her look dramatically changed after a trip to South Korea, which subsequently skyrocketed her to fame—perhaps prompting many fans to travel to South Korea for some life changing facial tweaks of their own.

After an extreme plastic surgery makeover at a South Korean clinic, popstar Angelababy has a completely new face:
angelababy before after extreme plastic surgery makeover

More extreme Korean plastic surgery makeovers:



  • avatar Anon says:

    Whether Korea, Japan, or China, in so many cases it looks like they were shown only one face to choose from. So standardized.

    Makes me think of Japanese subcultures – it’s not exactly being unique when so many people are doing it and there are instruction manuals for them (no joke).

  • avatar romdude says:

    You guys remember that story of a Hong Kong man suing his wife for them having an “ugly” baby? Those lawsuits might happen more often with more of these surgeries.

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