Will Breast Implants Become a Thing of The Past Thanks to Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?


Thanks to an innovative new plastic surgery procedure using fat from the body to increase breast size, women who opt for a breast augmentation may be able to go under the knife and still remain au naturale. Dubbed the “natural boob job,” fat transfer breast augmentation is growing in popularity among women worldwide, as it eliminates the need for silicon or saline implants, which are prone to problems like leaks, rupture and shifting. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation, and the fairly new, largely unstudied procedure may come with its own set of risks to be aware of.

There have been lots of controversy surrounding silicon breast implants, but they remain popular to this day:
silicone breast implants

Fat transfer breast augmentation recycles fat from the legs, stomach, hips or butt using liposuction, and injects it into the breasts, offering women a natural-looking breast enlargement without the variety of risks associated with implants. This may sound like a modern-day miracle, but even though this fat transfer procedure is believed to be a safer alternative to synthetic breast implants, it still comes with its own risks, largely because liposuction is a necessary part of the process. In addition to a risk of bruising, scarring and saggy skin, the results of fat transfer breast augmentation are only temporary and are not as dramatic as synthetic breast implants.

Using fat from the body to increase breast size can give women a softer, more natural shape, but unlike an implant, the fat will eventually be reabsorbed by the body, causing your new breasts to decrease in size over time. There is also some evidence that injecting fat into the breasts can cause cysts or calcified lumps, which can harden over time. Furthermore, because this type of breast augmentation uses fat from the body, slim women without much extra fat who want to increase their breast size may not be good candidates for the procedure.

Fat transfer breast augmentation will not leave you looking like Pamela Anderson, as the result are much more natural:
pamela anderson fat transfer breast augmentation

On the other hand, some believe that fat transfer breast augmentation will eventually phase out the controversial saline and silicone breast implants that remain popular today. For example, fat transfer may be a good option for a more natural breast reconstruction for women who have had a lumpectomy, or for correcting minor defects like uneven breasts without introducing any foreign materials into the body. It may also benefit women who want a subtle breast enlargement without going up several sizes, which is often the case with silicon or saline breast implants.

Fat transfer to the breasts may be a great option for women who desire that added lift, but who aren’t comfortable with the idea of artificial breast implants. And because the results are more natural in look and feel in comparison to silicon or saline implants, many women are jumping at the chance to undergo a fat transfer breast augmentation. Do you think synthetic breast implants will eventually be replaced by this fairly new and largely unstudied procedure?

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