Josie Cunningham Scams Government Into Buying Her Boobs, Now Says She Needs An Abortion To Get Famous


Josi Cunningham is only 23, yet already the whole world has turned sour on the wannabe “glamour” model. In order to kick-start her career, Josie decided that she needed bigger breasts, and since her small breasts caused her duress, she got the NHS to fund the operation. In the United Kingdom, where Josie lives, there are 4 healthcare systems funded by the public, collectively known as the National Health Service, or NHS.  If you reside outside of the UK you might assume they have a lax stance on funding operations, but on the contrary patents in need of hip replacements or cancer treatments are frequently put off or even denied coverage. Somehow Josie got the NHS to pay $8,000 of taxpayers money for her 36DD breasts.

Josie before and after government funds took her from an A cup to a DD cup:
josie cunningham boob job before after pictures

The mom of 2 children previously only measured a 32A, and she had big plans for her giant jump in cup size—which included bragging to the entre world about who funded her newly obese breasts. Unfortunately for Josie, the public doesn’t like her act one bit; the self-proclaimed celebrity admits people send her hate mail, and call her a “slut” as she goes about town. Not even all of this deters Josie from her latest mission: make the NHS pay for a second breast surgery, this time to reduce the size of her cups.

Since NHS used implants that Josie now claims are too large, she believes they should be responsible for paying to have them reduced. Josie claims that her implants are now keeping her from getting modeling gigs. Josie also says that she doesn’t like all of the attention her new breasts attract, a fact she finds “upsetting.” Plus, she doesn’t want to be known forever as that girl with huge NHS breasts.

Josie seems confused–classy or trashy? But don’t let her Sunday Best fool you…josie4

So maybe now you are starting to feel a tiny bit bad for the girl, but think again before you spare her an ounce of sympathy. In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Josie mentioned that she won’t have a baby next year—despite her pregnant appearance—because, “An abortion will further my career.” Looking at pregnant photos of her now makes you feel sick, but Josie doesn’t care whatsoever, she’s fantasizing about the future where she plans to “…be famous, driving a bright pink Range Rover and buying a big house.” With a Twitter feed full of defensive commentary, Josie still clings to a few straws of hope—like her potential appearance on Big Brother. She’ll do anything to get on the show, including having the abortion necessary to make the cut. Josie reports on the matter, “Nothing will get in my way.” Apparently not the NHS or her baby—yikes!

Apparently Josie is even willing to give up her baby for her 5 minutes of fame josie3

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  • avatar Riimel says:

    This b**ch actually is a whore, she was an escort and got knocked up by one of her regulars, who offered to pay for abortion, according to herself. (Not that I believe any of crap she talks.) My partner needs a bypass surgery and on waiting list while suffering everyday enough not be able to work, yet NHS granted this stupid c**t breast job, it really makes me fuming. NHS really needs serious sorting, and this b**ch must get her head examined, privately!!

  • avatar Lola says:

    23 ?! Bitch looks at least 45 !

  • avatar Cat says:

    She has now decided not to have an abortion since feeling the baby kicking. To be honest, I don’t think she would have had one anyway. She was turned down for Big Brother and had to find another way to have 15 minutes of fame, the whole abortion thing was nothing more than that in my opinion. She says she is pregnant either by a doctor or a footballer – so the next set of headlines will be about a paternity test. Personally, I think she should have had a brain transplant rather that breast implants. She is also a long, long way from being remotely attractive. She is a prostitute who wants to be somebody, I think she underestimated how sour the public backlash would be over this.

    • avatar Cat says:

      PS – 4 healthcare systems in the NHS?…no there aren’t. The NHS is the National Health Service, it provides free health care, operations etc for those who do not have private health care (most of the population use the NHS) I don’t believe anybody begrudges paying for it. The NHS also provides free health care for foreign nationals, tourists and non-UK resident students.

      It is underfunded but nobody is ‘denied coverage’. There is a waiting list for operations so people do have to wait for non-urgent procedures (i.e., when the patient is not in pain, suffering unduly or in a critical condition).

      I have moved to France where this is no version of the NHS, there is a safety net for the unemployed but you are obliged to have private health insurance. I believe the NHS is the best system of health care in the world – there is nobody who is too poor to have an operation.

  • avatar Anon says:

    Try 43!
    Some people do NOT age well!

  • avatar Bill says:

    Hope the NHS rejects her request. She looks fantastic now. Most women are nuts – they get themselves looking great and then they want to change it all.

  • avatar jim barrett says:

    looks like she was rode hard and put in the stables wet

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