Lady Gaga’s DIY Facelift Secret Revealed


She’s fierce, fab, and many argue Lady Gaga looks less like a horse than ever these days. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s gorgeous and talented all wrapped up into one, but her most recent revelation might help explain why her face takes on as many different forms as her costumes.

The many faces of Lady Gaga


Apparently Gaga starts each day by taping her face back, yes with actual tape. She considers the process meditative, a relaxing routine that helps clear her mind of stressful thoughts. Before strapping on her meat suit or making Art Pop, Gaga is busy performing her self-proclaimed “mantra.” She has told the media that she starts her day asking: “How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?” Gaga claims the tape gives the skin on her neck and face a tighter, more youthful appearance. She also uses tape to change the shape of her eyes whenever she feels so inclined.

Has Gaga gone Gaga? Apparently if she has, so too has Cher. The long time actress and pop star also uses tape to keep her 67-year old face in perfect place. Clearly Cher has also had some major work done but who knows what she looks like without the tape!

Cher, your tape is showing!


Before you start taping your eyes wider or your neck tighter, according to some doctors tape might only cause more damage in the future. For starters, if you tape your face too tightly you risk damaging your flow of circulation, and robbing your skin of vital nutrients. This will boost the production of abnormal collagen causing internal scarring to take place, increasing the speed skin ages. Not to mention, plastic tape usually contains plastic adhesives, which are actually toxic. While Cher is old enough to take the risk, Lady Gaga has plenty more years ahead of her; perhaps she should look into Botox instead—although she’s probably already got that too!

Apparently Gaga just really likes tape…


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