Jerry Hall Avoids Plastic Surgery So That She Doesn’t Look Like A “Monster”


Single and searching, superstar model (and Mick Jagger’s ex) Jerry Hall has admitted that she does not believe in plastic surgery, yet somehow at 56 she virtually has no wrinkles. Still, the model doesn’t want to look like everyone else with a tightly pulled face; “They scare small children and they think they look really good.” Hall says about people who get plastic surgery just because they don’t want to get old. She believes that unless surgery is absolutely necessary it might not be good for your health, going on to add that some men like the ageing woman with the occasional wrinkle,  “At least you look like a normal person.”

Hall ruling the catwalk back in 1998, and now looking just as fab in 2014.


Jerry Hall wishes society valued ageing more and doesn’t understand why we want to skip the ageing process, in her opinion you have your chance with a fresh wrinkle free face, but as you age it’s your chance to appreciate a new stage of life. She even calls it “greedy and weird,” to hunt down your youth in a plastic surgeon’s office. Her insults about plastic surgery don’t end here; Jerry Hall has been quoted saying, “…women who have plastic surgery are monsters!” And that it is a “sickness” to go under the knife.

If you ever get the chance to date Ms. Hall don’t you ever ask her to go under the knife, she thinks any man who does is completely rude and doesn’t love you, but instead wants you to be his “trophy”.

When she’s not gripping about plastic surgery, Jerry Hall enjoys hanging out in her Texas home uniquely decorated with old antiques.  And while she wouldn’t mind sharing the place with a plump man, she would like someone that is nice to look at. Even though surgery is taboo in Hall’s world, she still wants to look good; after all she is a model!

So how does Jerry Hall naturally keep her skin youthfully glowing without plastic surgery? The humble model prefers to lather her skin in olive oil straight from her kitchen. In the summer she will soak for hours in olive oil, while in the winter she leaves it on for a little less time, but swears by it nonetheless.

While Hall might sound like a goody two-shoes bashing on plastic surgery and boosting healthy skin habits, this Texas blond is actually a roaring good time. She’s full of laughter, nice to everyone and loves to enjoy her uppers– coffee, smoking, and drinking.

Jerry Hall today, at age 56:
Q&A: Jerry Hall

Single Hall is looking for a man that can shoot and hunt, you know a good old country man that will appreciate her anti-plastic mentality. Although 56-year old Hill looks so good we can’t help but wonder if she’s really had nothing done at all? You’ve got to wonder if there has to be something beside olive oil that is staving off the premature aging caused by drinking and smoking…right?

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