Twins Having Identical Plastic Surgery


We know that identical twin siblings often do everything in tandem, from dressing alike to having similar thoughts and finishing each other’s sentences, but in the case of twin sisters Kerry and Jo Burton, this includes going under the knife together to always remain identical in appearance. During a recent interview the twin sisters did on ITV This Morning, British-born Kerry and Jo explained how they each handle undergoing plastic surgery without ever looking different from one another. Over the past 17 years, the twin sisters have together dropped more than $117,000 on cosmetic surgery, always using the same plastic surgeon and going under the knife on the same day so they can never be told apart.

Kerry and Jo Burton are just one set of many twins that undergo identical cosmetic surgeries:
Burton Twins after over $100,000 in plastic surgery

It all started when Kerry and Jo Burton were 21 and a photographer mentioned that the sisters, then models, would look better if their noses weren’t so straight. The twins took the comment to heart and immediately sought out a plastic surgeon to conduct a rhinoplasty…on both of them. Since then, Kerry and Jo, now 38, have added a number of additional cosmetic procedures to their collections, including identical boob jobs, eye-lifts, eyebrow tattoos and Botox injections. They have even opted for identical hair extensions, facials, spray tans, manicures and pedicures. In January 2014, the sisters had boob jobs to remove faulty PIP implants and replace them with new ones, and they both had their operations on the same day with the same surgeon, enlarging their breasts from a DD to E cup because one of the girls wanted to go bigger.

“It might sound barmy to some to have cosmetic surgery just because your twin is having it,” said Kerry. “But we would hate to look different, so we had to have the cosmetic surgery together.” Can you imagine waking up one morning and suddenly being forced to get a boob job or nose job just because you found out your twin sister decided to get plastic surgery and you can’t stand to look even slightly different than her? We’re assuming Kerry and Jo talk it out and agree on the procedures beforehand, but if they are really intent on remaining identical for the rest of their lives, they are going to have to undergo plenty more plastic surgery in the future to combat the natural aging process, which is guaranteed to take its toll on each of the sisters differently.

Twins, Kerry and Jo, before having plastic surgery:
burton twins before plastic surgery

It’s been nearly two decades since Kerry and Jo had plastic surgery for the first time, and they are obviously addicted to it now, using it as a tool to ensure that they always look alike. “We both had chickenpox together as children and we had the same hobbies, such as Brownies and dancing – and so our identical cosmetic surgery has followed on from that.” Seriously?? From chickenpox and ballet classes to Botox and boob jobs?? Sounds pretty strange to me, but then again, I’m not an identical twin. In case you’re wondering if Kerry and Jo plan to undergo additional plastic surgery procedures in the future, the twins say: “We’d never rule it out completely, but we’d obviously have to agree on what we have done.” So there you have it.

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